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Funcom welcomes you to the world of Conan. A barbaric land full of monsters, misery, and despair. The concept? Survive, build, dominate!

The game is called Conan Exiles. It is an open world, multiplayer survival epic. The gameplay will focus on combat and exploration paralleled against building settlements and cultivating crops to sustain your war.

"Unleash your fury in savage, fast-paced combat and execute bloody and bone-crushing attacks that will see heads rolling and limbs flying."

In a world saturated with evil, the player takes on the role of an exile, one of the thousands of people banished from society, forgotten and left to perish in the unrelenting wastelands. It is from here that you will begin the fight back against the tyranny that infects this world.

Players will not only be vulnerable to monsters and other players but vulnerable to the environment in which they exist. The character will get both hungry and thirsty, so it is essential that you grow crops, hunt animals, and locate clean water sources. Once you have food and water it is time to focus on gathering resources to build weapons.

"There is no better setting for an open-world survival game than the world of Conan. Hyboria is a harsh and unforgiving land where only the strongest can survive while the weak are swiftly cut down. Whether it is hunting animals for food, fighting monsters and other players, or building entire settlements, we want to make sure players feel like they are really fighting to survive and prosper in the most brutal fantasy world ever."

Players can choose to explore alone or in groups — the game will be infinitely more fun for players with two or more friends — tackling this wasteland alone will be extremely tough. The more people you side with, the bigger the stronghold will be — it is a dog eat dog world, free for all in Conan Exiles so make as many friends as you can.

Another really cool thing I must mention about this game is that the Gods of Conan's world have major influence over progression. Players will have to work hard to keep the Gods happy — so sacrifice animals, and other players on altars to keep them on your side.

Man, this is shaping up to be one heck of a blood spilling, action packed, barbaric ride of awesomeness.

Funcom has a good amount of experience when it comes to online multiplayer games. Although not renowned for any one particular outstanding game, they have always been there making solid games enjoyed by millions. This game however, genuinely excites me — I can feel the inner warrior bubbling to the surface as I read more into the details of this project.

Conan Exiles will release first on PC with console editions releasing shortly after. We have no exact date for release but we will be watching this one very closely as time goes by. Conan Exiles is the third game releasing this year that has made our 'one to watch' list. Congrats Funcom!

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