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Batman Fanatic, Funko Enthusiast, Movie Connoisseur.
David Marmolejo

These guys were my childhood. Every Saturday I would be awake immediately at seven in the morning and flip on the TV and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jingle would already be kicking in. It was a mission to collect all four and I've done so. Seeing the Turtles fight, run around taking bad guys down, saving their city, their world, and of course eating pizza, their history is so full of life. Even the recent 2014 Film to me was good, and the sequel seems just as much fun. Leonardo, The leader, the wiser of the four. Raphael, the hot head, stubborn and relentless. Donatello, the geek of the gang, shy and quirky. Last but not least Michelangelo, Cool, the joy and comedic relief of the Turtle Squad. All characteristics of the four are what make me who I am, Sometimes wise, Extremely stubborn, geeky, shy, and I see myself pretty funny, but most importantly the love for pizza. I mean who doesn't love pizza? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Brothers, Family, Love, Pizza, and Crime fighters. Together, there is nothing their four minds cannot accomplish.


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