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The Comic Fan viewers need to see more of Wolverine. Not just Wolverine, origins, Wolverine with the X-Men. There is a huge gap in the history of Logan. We don't know even know what he did after General Stryker erase his memory other than drive around between USA and Canada and hiding in the mountains looking to stay away from society and running from his self.

X-Men [2000], shows a lost Logan, a man with out a past and no course for his future. X-Men: First Class [2011], has a few minutes where it shows Charles Xavier and Erick aka Magneto trying to recruit him on a bar.

But why didn't Charles used his physic powers and tell Logan about his past and how he was going to do great things for the X-Men. The cartoon of Hulk vs Wolverine shows Logan working for the Canadian government on a mission to take down hulk. And what started as a battle of Alphas it developed to a mission to save a town in the mountains and teaming up to save each others throats.

According to the history of Wolverine was born in 1886, so he is 137 years old. That means that he out lived half of the X-Men team. In that time he did missions with Sabertooth [his brother], Deadpool, Gambit among others from the team from Stryker. With that said: -What did he do after he left that team? Was he a freelancer mercenary, how did he end up working for the Government to hunt down Hulk in Canada if Wolverine him self is not a patriot and he hates bullies?

Why did Charles Xavier waited until X-Men [2000], to reach out to him again and invite him to the team? Between X-Men First Class and and X-Men there are almost 20 years in lapse time. -Where was logan all of this time, what was he doing with him self and his erased memory?

We know Hulk ages just like everyone else, but his transformation ironically rejuvenates his body delaying his ageing. What have those 2 up on the time there where no part of a Team.


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