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Here's some exciting news to make your wait for 'Summertime' even more worth it — Will Smith has confirmed he'll be reuniting with his musical buddy, DJ Jazzy Jeff, in a return to music!

It's hard not to feel your heart swell with nostalgia at the news that the duo, who released hits such as 'Parents Don't Understand' and 'Bomm! Shake the Room' will reunite after all these years. Talking on the Graham Norton Show, Smith said:

"We've recorded about 25 songs and have four or five I actually like. Jeff and I will be back here [in the U.K.] this summer to do shows, real shows."

"I'm Terrified"

The 47-year-old hasn't released an album since 2005, but will go full-on Fresh Prince, releasing albums and touring with 51-year-old DJ Jazzy Jeff.

His previous appearance on the show also featured one of the best dance-offs in television history.

The Hollywood A-lister did admit the return brought on mixed feelings. He added:

"I'm terrified. I'm really ready, man, I got a whole lotta heart to share and I'm excited about getting it into my music."

So, where can I buy tickets for the tour?!

Source: EOnline


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