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Has there ever been another harder casting call? I think not, because the role of young Han Solo has to one of the toughest to cast, putting the pressure of a young actor to portray Han Solo in the anthology film due out 2018, directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller (Isn't that BLOODY awesome!!) and with the shortlist announced, i felt the need to rank them, to see who's best and who's bloody terrible.

Bottom End- Dave Franco, Miles Teller, Logan Lerman:

My Reaction to those names:

OH BLOODY HELL NO! Let it be known, i have NOTHING against these guys, they're cool and all (Except Miles Teller, that dude is a bit of a douche) but would i even consider them play the iconic smuggler? Fuck no, the looks aren't there, the charm is missing.

Before The Mediocre Middle- Blake Jenner and Scott Eastwood

OH BLOODY NO! Let's Start with Blake Jenner. JENNER, isn't that enough of a reason not to cast him?! All jokes aside, the man lacks the charisma, looks and pure fun, and he's been cast in bad High School tv shows and movies and such, not that his filmography influences anything but still...

Oh, boy, Scott Eastwood. Where do i begin with this one? He is the son of the legendary Clint, but he doesn't have the looks. Well, he does...somewhat, but i love the actor, but i just don't really see him as Han, even if they did cast him, i would have ZERO problems with it.

'Meh'But Potential Middle- Ansel Elgort And Jack Reynor

Let's start with Ansel Elgort. He doesn't have the looks necessarily, but he's a chill dude, and has the charm, and if you put him in that iconic black vest, the resemblance is kinda there, and he'd be a fine choice, that's just me, though.

Jack Reynor: While also not having the looks necessarily, charm and bad-assness is what defines Han, and i strongly believe he has the chops (hopefully) to pull it off.

The Big Finalists- Emory Cohen And Anthony Ingruber (Plus Honorables)

FUCKING LOOK AT THE PICTURE ABOVE YOU! Anthony Ingruber is THE MAN to play Han Solo, he looks, sounds like Harrison Ford, which is a precious gift if he was cast, and has the same mannurisms, and that's awesome!

Emory Cohen: While not that known, his performance as A.J in The Place Beyond The Pines is what boosted my thinking of him as Han, he has a great performance and has the looks, and if he could modify his voice, i believe Star Wars fans would be happy IF he was cast.


The casting of young Han Solo in his own origins movie is of course a HUGE FUCKING DEAL! but just because this is a sortlist, doesn't matter that the hundreds of other actors that would be better, it is merely a list of who Disney considers at the moment, and anyone can get cast, as far as we know.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Hits Theaters December 2016, With Star Wars: Episode VIII hitting theaters December 2017 (UGHHH!) Star Wars Is Back, Baby!


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