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This could win but, Charlie's montage in It's Always Sunny, is the winner! Please go watch ' The Gang Hits the Slopes', after reading this article about award-winning sex scenes!

What Makes A Great Sex Scene?

Yes, I spelled the word 'greatest', in all capitals - so you know I mean 'business'! Is is the way the light flickers on a glistening body, or the angle of the camera capturing the....... hold up, I feel pervy just jokingly writing this! I enjoy humorous situations, in which some auteurs, capture the act of love-making! Sadly, the real thing is always remembered like that drunk night at the bar. Nothing but high-five's and free drinks - ' Man, I was the man last night'! Instead of her turning on 'The Daily Show', because I was tipsy - and those darn condoms are contraception, without even using them correctly!

So What's The Greatest Sex Scene?

I honestly have no clue, whatsoever, to each his own... I guess? I have read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, and how many ways can you refer to a male's member? I just watched It's Always Sunny, and Charlie Kelly just won the Emmy for Best Sex Scene (I assume that's real?)! He stops mid-coitus, and plays the Saxophone - and of course she's a hooker, that Frank paid! It doesn't get any better, except in the honor of Charlie's check-up for STD's - here's three other memorable 'bang' scenes! (I put the 'ass', in that's a 'classic man', I'm above that usually, but not for this article! We'll see how it plays out?)

Shameless - 2 Pump Chump

Hey Lip, this happens to every man - except me, Im'ma Picadilly cowboy, when I'm capable of opening a package. To be honest, I do not think he crossed the goal line (If you know what I mean)? I applaud all women & men, that put up with - well, guys like me! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend nailed it when she sung ' Wash Your Balls'! (Congrats on the Golden Globe, Rachel Bloom!) Frank masturbating on his dead lover's grave, was a closed second. (I'm sorry people, I'm just a romantic!)

True Detective - Rusty loves Marty's Wife

Okay, there's a pattern of some very short-comings of men in the relationship department. Both of these scenes, the men did not used a condom - and people STD's are sky-rocketing with new technology. There's no cure for genital herpes - please do whatever you like, I'm just some blogger! I wonder when she was asked afterwards, if it was good, she said " Meh,Meh,Meh!" They should win for screwing all of us with season two! (Much love for anyone from HBO, they're not reading this)

Chappelle's Show - Wrap it Up!

Did you think Chappelle's Show wasn't going to make this prestigious list? "How could you Dave, How could you," Chappelle replies " I was f%^&*@, what were you doing, so what... I beat ya, gotta work on your time baby girl!" This was on one of his Stand-Up specials, and I thought it was too funny, not to mention. We all could think of a thousand more, and please leave all of them in the comments!

That's just sacrilegious, how dare I sully Batman's good name?