BySyrath Xaj, writer at
...ay around it. The writers would have to retcon Obi-Wan to shoe horn this in. Given that they made E7 in a manner to appease fans that doesnt include midichlorians, politics and prequel stuff there is almost no way to paint the Obi from the moves as a dude who went against the old Jedi code, after seeing Annikans fall to the Darkside , that he would without a major character shift. Movie going audiences cant be asked to watch Rebels, Clone Wars, read Novels ect to get the full story. Plus as Kathleen Kennedy pointed out this is a space soap opera about the Skywalker family. For the movies to continue in this manner Rey needs to carry on the legacy. In my opinion not much else is needed to counter that. As for the points in the post, Obi spoke, so did Yoda does that provide evidence that she is Yoda's daughter? This is the thing this entire idea came from hearing Obi's voice. For the rest of the points they are stretches to fit a theory all based on Rey hearing Obi's voice with no real basis and the Maz point can be twisted to fit any context like she is Leia and Han's or Yoda's daughter.

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