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BDC here, once again, looking for the most fascinating cosplay crossovers out there! I LOVE cosplay. But I especially LOVE an imaginative crossover. Being old-school like I am, I'm not sure how I feel about this week's entry.

Strangely Alluring, amazingly impeccable!
Strangely Alluring, amazingly impeccable!

I remember the old Popeye cartoons, mainly in reruns, but it still stands as part of my upbringing. Sailor Moon wasn't. I knew it existed and made a rash gender oriented decision not to watch that because it was too 'girly'. My loss. But I was a product of the times I grew up in. I mean, raising my three boys, we were deathly afraid of the 'pink aisle' down at the department stores. We've long got over the categorization of boy-girl toys. And I am proud to say I've come to appreciate Sailor Moon for the Anime icon it is. But this crossover took me a while to warm up to.

Go to her amazing FB page and see more!
Go to her amazing FB page and see more!

Once I got over the initial shock, I saw the genius and the hard work behind making this happen. This incredible cosplay was brought to life by Rannie Rodil Cosplay. If you check out here media (and I suggest you do), you will find her to be a rather creative individual. She does have a knack for doing what's called 'Cross Gender' cosplay and does it rather well. Included in her repertoire is the Frankenstein monster, Baron Underbheit‬ of the Venture Brothers and Immortal Joe from the new Mad Max movie.

Make sure and go show her some cosplay love at her FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM!!


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