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Phoenix Mangus

The Internet --- According to announcements all over Facebook and Twitter, the internet has decided that today will be another day that famed singer of Beatles' covers, Joe Cocker, has died.

Having originally died on December 22, 2014, people who blindly share every post or tweet that comes across their feed decided that once was not enough and deemed today, January 29, 2016 as the day Joe Cocker passed on again.

Joe Cocker's spouse was unavailable for comment because she is also dead.

The news capped off an already tragic week after much loved comedian Leslie Nielsen's redeath was announced Wednesday.

UPDATE 1/29/16 2:17EST: The Internet has just announced that much loved star of "All in the Family" Jean Stapleton has, after two and a half years of death, died again at her final resting space in New York.


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