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You should apologize Pool',you should have called him/her back! In this time of superhero shenanigans, where's the love - Justin Timberlake, I'm talking to you. All-kidding aside, are every superheroes' love life doomed? If you're like me, then leaving a bong packed - that's the definition of romance (drugs are bad kids)! I wonder, do superheroes listen to Pink's 'F**kin' Perfect' after a break-up (she flippin' gets it)? Let's take a journey, down the path of romantic endeavors of a superhero!

Bad Romance: Jared Leto's 30 Seconds to Mars - Listen to this version,whilst reading, are ya feelin' the mood?

'I can't be with you' said by any superhero,ever

'Why, what aren't you telling me' said by damsel in distress (yes it's sexist)

' I dress-up at night and I....' said by superhero

'Goodbye' said by incredibly smart woman / End Scene

Honestly, if some guy told you, he liked to dress-up at night and fought bad guys - you would grab your pepper spray, because you're 130 pounds, amongst men whom are twice-your-size! I digress, let's examine relationships in the movie, shall we?

Bruce Wayne/ Selina Kyle - The Dark Knight Rises

I approve this relationship, Selina lures Bruce into certain death - and she acts likes no matter! This makes sense, would Bruce Wayne be compatible with someone that wasn't a bit psychotic? Bruce's best weapon in his arsenal, it isn't the Bat-mobile, it's he's freaking Batman!

'Can I buy you a drink, I'm Batman,' he says while the lady throws vodka on him. How did he get back from Bane's prison, because he's Batman - and he was wanting some cat-scratch fever. This is the best relationship I've seen portrayed on film. Any doctor, that has to help give birth in the dark,props! Let's look at another...

Tony Stark/ Pepper Potts - Iron Man

I'm not a fan, why do they like each other? I'm not an expert in romance, but would you stay with someone that threatens - a terrorist on live-television? Marvel's had three chances to make me care about Team Totts, I don't!

This is the only relationship, in mainstream entertainment - that she knew the whole time! I like Daisy and Lincoln's budding romance on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, more than I've liked Tony's love affair with Pepper. Cap and Peggy, in a single movie, brought emotions that I thought were dormant! I care just enough, to write them into this article! Technically, Matt Murdock, was already Daredevil - when he met Claire Temple, probably?

Jessica Jones/Luke Cage - Jessica Jones

Whoa, now here is a show that shows some Sweet Christmas! I could talk about all the bad romances, but after writing about Stark - I thought it wise, to talk about awesome relationships (still a bad romance,technically)! I try to get some of my male friends, to watch it - and not one friend enjoyed it. I loved it, even with another generic fight with some supervillain, to end the season!

(Spoilers For Jessica Jones)

She's the epitome of that leather jacket, she wears ( I think you get my point,I don't think I do?) - tough,reliable, and been through some sh**! Luke Cage is a righteous convicted felon, and they go together like cheese pizza, and cottage cheese. She killed his wife, and that's really,really hard to get over. No, it's still not acceptable to ask a woman to smile,even if your relationship is slowly-killing her! I always thought, there's probably a good reason she's not smiling - who the *expletive* smiles randomly? I am a guy and my opinion matters less than a conservative loving guns (wait,does that make sense?). I love Jessica Jones and her nuances, that make her such a great hero!


I clearly have love for the dysfunctional relationships, in real life, things are generally boring. Honestly, it's really negligent, to put someone's life in jeopardy - just because you're a superhero! I can't wait to see Deadpool, oh thee fortnight, four scores and seven years ago, wait did she packed me.......... Listen to Deadpool and check your lovely manly humps!

Who's your favorite superhero romance?
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