ByNick Caraway (Leafeon), writer at

Pokemon Go, Nintendo's augumented reality experiment. Nintendo's taken a lot of risks lately, and they seem to be paying off. Everybody is waiting for the game, but there are some things that might turn people off from the social experiment. So here are some Do's and Don'ts.

1: DO Catch Pokemon. Thats the entire premise of the game. Yeah, original, i know.

DON'T: Do illegal/dangerous things to catch Pokemon. Seriously, hearing someone making a CHANSEY move to catch something on the news would SERIOUSLY deter people from playing.

2: Do plan your battles beforehand. While our inner Ninja Boy/Girl wants to suprise fellow players with a battle, its not polite.

Dont pick a fight with everyone on the block. Seriously.

3: Do leave your phone off during family events. Your grandma's funeral is NOT the place to catch a random Hoppip.

Don't be that guy who looks at their phone the entire time s/he's at a restraunt. It's hard. But food is bae.

4: Do play fair. Think of Team Rocket trying to steal Ash's Pikachu. Now imagine that in real life.

Dont be real life Team Rocket. You'll probably get arrested.

Those were 4 do's and dont's for Pokemon Go. Hope you follow these rules, and catch em all.


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