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Episode 28 of Dragon Ball Super ended with Champa proposing a tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7. If Universe 6 or Team Champa wins they will get the earth of Universe 7. However, if Universe 7 wins they get 6 super dragon balls. The tournament will basically be elimination style. One fighter can take out all. That is the team that loses all their fighters first lose. The fighters are yet to be announced. (Dragon Ball Super Episode 29 English Subbed Online Video, Preview)

Like, always at the end of episode 28 we got the preview/trailer of the next episode that is episode 29. Goku and Vegeta will probably take a break from the training. And we see Bulma on the trailer. And as we know from episode 28 they will need Bulma to create a new radar to track down the last Super Dragon Ball. So, Goku, Vegeta, Beerus and Whis will visit Bulma there. We also see the Galactic Patrol Man Jaco once again in that same scene so he will have a role in it too.

A major part of the trailer covers Goku being surprised to know that there will be a fighter in their team who is even stronger than Goku! And he will probably be the team captain. So, Universe 7 teams will 4 known fighters and 1 mystery fighter.

Spoiler alert! I am going to name the 4 known fighters that will fight for Team Beerus according to the manga, they are Picollo, Buu , Goku and Vegeta. The mystery fighter has also been announced. But, I am not going to mention who he is because that will be too much of a spoiler for people following the anime series only.

However, if you are interested to find out who the mystery is and what stories we have coming, just check these videos

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In the trailer, we also saw Champa and Vados roaming around probably also trying to fix the tournament venue and recruit fighters for their team from Universe 6.

Episode 29 in general will be an excitement build up type of chapters as it will give out a lot of information’s and thrills.

Besides, I want episode 29 and the upcoming episodes to add some details that might not have been in the manga. I think 1 or 2 fillers would be required considering everything. Episode 29 was based entirely on the world of Gods with Goku and Vegeta. So, I bet we are going to see more of the earth in episode 29. I would like to know if they are considering making the Z fighters active again since the earth is facing threats again. Maybe they will start training or something?

And there’s one major thing that shall be detailed. That is at the end of episode 27 Gohan asked Picollo to train him again. The fans would surely love follow up of it. And when they will actually start training

Dragon Ball Super  Stronger Than Goku Captain
Dragon Ball Super Stronger Than Goku Captain

Episode 28 marked the beginning of a new arc. And that episode had a very good quality compared to the previous episodes. The animation quality was also drastically improved. So, let’s just hope that episode 29 will keep up and live up to the expectations.


Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 vs Universe 7
Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 vs Universe 7

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