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Gilmore fans rejoice!

Via a wonderful tweet wonderful Lauren Graham, by far one of the best and sexiest moms on 2000's television confirmed that she, the jacket she stole from the set and all the rest of the cast that conforms Gilmore Girls are back to work thanks to Netflix!

I'll eat to that!

Via another wonderful tweet that quotes one of the most bizarre but essential lines in the Gilmore dictionary, the streaming service confirmed it's collaboration with producer Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Mother and daughter; and almost every wonderful and whimsical character that made us love the show is going to be back for a limited revival that will be released via Netflix hopefully at some point during the year (some details are still under wraps).

I don't know about you, but I am quite excited to have those gorgeous blue eyes, brown hair and above all, eloquent, fast-paced talkative duo coming back to my life to teach me how to manage the late 20s and hopefully to show me what I am supposed to expect from the 30.

Let's face it, Rory Gilmore taught you all you needed to survive high school and being proud of how you are, while Lorelai was the kind of friend and mother you wanted to support you. During all their ups and downs you learned lessons about love and life, about friendship and how to navigate college and real life, but since their exit of the air in 2007 you have grown older, are now in your twenties, you are probably facing an existential crisis about your job, your romantic status and basically all the decisions you've made since you were left to fend in the world for yourself!

I'm fine. I'm just being dramatic. That's what I do.

I can't wait to have the girls back! It excites me to see how they have adopted the use of social media. I mean, I imagine Lorelai constantly tweeting Rory, and probably sends Instagrams about weird, funny and unique things that happen in town! (I don't see Emily using social media much, but I bet that would've fun to see). I am sure that Netflix will surprise us with its take on Gilmore Girls!

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