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In response to the poll asking if George Lucas should return for the Disney Star Wars films I would like to see that happen but in a supervisory and creative role, not dictatorially.

He should step back from direction of actors but he should be part of a creative team that respects his ideas and works to get the best out of everyone's ideas whilst incorporating Lucas overall story arcs. Lucas works best when he has a guide to kill his more idiosyncratic impulses. It seems that on the original Star Wars Marcia Lucas helped massage his ideas into a focused narrative and he respected her input and took her advice. In 1999 no one had power over him to get him to pull back from his biggest mistakes in the prequels and that is where the problems arose.
At his core Lucas he is a great storyteller and a master at creating Campbellian myth who he is interested in history and greater over arching mythological themes, he understands what a story needs in it's raw essence and that is what makes Star Wars resonate and that is where his power lies. Disney should listen to his ideas and pick the greater aspects from them, ultimately they should be more respectful and stop trading on nostalgia.

People are against him mainly because of the prequels as well as the 1997 Special Editions tinkering but where the prequels went wrong were in the digital performance editing of on set actors. Actors were treated like special effects that were spliced together and inserted into scenes in the edit suite where the performance of actors present on set became disconnected from the performance of the other actors in those same scenes. That is why the prequels feel flat and odd, it's alien to us, it lacks spontaneity because it is a fabrication that turned the actors into another blue screen creature that was never actually present. This was used to overcome his well known shortcomings in directing actors on set but that is a separate issue from his narrative creation which is very strong, the prequels problems lie in how the performances were created not in their narrative structure.

Now that Lucas has stepped away from developing Lucasfilm as a company he likely wont have the opportunity to run technological experiments on Disneys dime and would be there to focus the narrative. He could oversee the directors as he did on the original trilogy sequels at least to a degree as he now wants to take more time out.

I think he is a sincere man in his intentions and he does seem to care about the story he wanted to tell as evidenced in the Charlie Rose interview and I find Disney's attitude to his ideas highly disrespectful, business minded or not.

Are his constant reedits disrespectful to fans? Yes they can be, especially the latter ones on blu ray which suddenly feel like he is actively trolling people who excessively criticize his tinkering. Adding a gratuitous change like making Vader yell "Noooooooooo" at the end of Jedi (as he did in Episode III) can only cause upset seeing as it is one of the most cringe inducing elements in Episode III but I can kind of understand that urge when everyone just descends on your creation. It may not be the truth at all, it might just feel that way but even if it is I think he is owed a bit of respect. At the end of the day Star Wars IS NOT OUR STORY... no matter how strongly we identify it with our childhood it was his impulse to create it, not ours.

George Lucas' connection to his creation is different then our connection and reaction to it and the fans need to be more respectful of the creative urge no matter how disappointing it might be, even though respect is also due back.

Without George Lucas we would have nothing at all so a bit more respect is due and I would rather see his road map at least be portrayed on screen so that we get the TRUE end of the story because right now The Force Awakens - although it has some merit feels like a well made fan fiction.


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