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It just keeps getting better and better! Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is shaping up to be one of the geekiest comic book movies ever. The biggest reason for this geek fest is how this movie appears to be setting up the rest of the DC Extended Universe. Personally I can't wait to see it unveil on screen.

DC Extended Universe


I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. As we get closer to the release, bits and pieces about the movie are being released. Although most of what we are getting is out of context, I'm going to take a shot at piecing together some of what we have seen so far. Starting with one of the geekiest reveals courtesy of Empire magazine.

Darkseid Easter Egg

At first glance it may look like just a really cool picture of Batman looking over ruins, but if you look closely you see a familiar symbol of a prominent Justice League villain. That symbol is an Omega sign and the villain is Darkseid.

Darkseid: The God of Evil

Worshipped as the "God of Evil", Darkseid is one of the most powerful beings in existence and the supreme monarch of planet Apokolips. Considered one of Superman's greatest adversaries, the greatest enemy of New Genesis and one of the greatest threats to the DC Multiverse, he seeks to bend everything and everyone to his will and remake the cosmos in his image, while searching for the Anti-Life Equation.

Those familiar with Darkseid will also notice that the fire shooting out of the planet reminds you of Darkseid's home planet Apokalips.

Apokalips: Darkseid's home planet

In the last Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer we also saw what looked like Darkseid's parademons.

Darkseid Parademons

The appearance of Darkseid's Omega symbol pretty much confirms that these were indeed his army of parademons. So now that the parademons are confirmed and no longer a question another question arises. We have been led to believe that this is a dream that Bruce Wayne aka Batman is having. By the looks of it one could say that Batman was having a Knightmare. Heck DC is even releasing a Mattel Knightmare Batman toy this Spring.

Knightmare Batman action figure

But why would Batman be having dreams about things that he has no knowledge of? Just a few years ago he saw his first alien which was Superman. And think about....if Bruce Wayne knew that Darkseid existed, would he really feel like Superman was the biggest threat to humanity? Of course he wouldn't. So, if Batman is not having this dream, then who is?

Wonder Woman

That's right folks Wonder Woman. Now before you disregard this theory, there is comic book history between the Amazons and Darkseid. The 'God of Evil' even fathered a child (Grail) with an Amazon. It was also recently revealed that Wonder Woman is 5000 years old, so obviously Amazons have some mythical ability. My theory is that Wonder Woman has a Knightmare which is actually a vision of a possible future.

Also, keep in mind that director Zack Snyder has claimed that Wonder Woman is the gateway drug to the Justice League. I think that Wonder Woman has this vision and goes to Metropolis and Gotham City to warn Superman and Batman of this possible future.

Wonder Woman boarding a plane

A future that includes an Earth that has been transformed into an Apokolips like planet. A future that includes a Superman that is being mind controlled by Darkseid.

Darkseid brainwashes Superman

Yes I believe in Wonder Woman's vision Darkseid has mind control over Earth's greatest and strongest hero. Batman is still fighting to save the planet against impossible odds and is likely the biggest thorn in Darkseid's side.

But back to Darkseid having control over Superman in Wonder Woman's vision. One of Darkseid's power's is that he can attack anyone telepathically invade their thoughts and control their will. Darkseid has done this before with Supergirl aka Kara Zor-El.

Darkseid brainwashes Supergirl

Now you really sweaty nerds will also remember that there was a Man of Steel prequel comic that was released prior to Man of Steel coming out. In that comic Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) crashed landed on Earth thousands of years before Kal-El (Superman) arrived to Earth.

Kara Zor-El crash landing on Earth

In that comic you see Kara Zor-El leaving the crashed Kryptonian ship. In Man of Steel Kara's crash landing and the ship Kara was in was acknowledged...

Supergirl Easter Egg in Man of Steel

However, what happened to Kara after she departed the ship was never acknowledged. Is it possible that Darkseid sensed the presence of the super powered being on a planet void of intelligent life at that time? Could Darkseid have brainwashed Kara and made her a part of his personal guard The Female Furies?

Supergirl apart of The Female Furies?

The Female Furies are a group of female warriors trained by Granny Goodness and Big Barda. The Female Furies serve Darkseid, ruler of Apokalips. The Team's former adversary and leader was Big Barda, whom defected to Earth with her husband, Scott Free.
Kara from Apokolips?
Kara from Apokolips?

This would be a great way to explain where Supergirl has been, and because Darkseid has a history with brainwashing Kryptonian's, it makes his control over Superman logical. Also, as Darkseid is a villain that rarely gets his hands dirty, controlling a being with the power of Superman makes sense.

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So what do you think? Is this Wonder Woman's knightmare? Is it a vision of a possible future (if Batman and Superman do not get their act together)? Is Darkseid brainwashing Superman in the vision? Has Darkseid made Kara Zor-El a member of The Female Furies? Please share your thoughts below.


Is Darkseid brainwashing Superman in Wonder Woman's Knightmare?

Are you excited about Batman v Superman?


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