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Fan theories come in all shapes and sizes, and some are more plausible than others. Some could definitely be on to something with the right amount of evidence, or they could just be another one of those theories that us fans love to eat up. This list will explain the very possible theories surrounding other great villains in the Dark Knight trilogy. Who's to say they aren't real — I mean except for Christopher Nolan, of course.

1. Coleman Reese is The Riddler

I didn't see this one coming, did you? This is the theory that the lovable Mr. Reese, who tried to blackmail Bruce Wayne, will soon grow into The Riddler. This actually has a lot of backup due to strong evidence and a big amount of fan support. Say Mr. Reese, what does it sound like? Mysteries.

Now we all know how The Riddler's first initial and last name together make 'E. Nigma' which obviously spells out 'enigma' when pronounced. This is exactly what The Riddler would do — switch his name so that the quiz is always there. He also was one of the few villains that figured out Bruce Wayne's identity on his own in the comics. This has also spawned the theory that Coleman Reese could also be Hugo Strange or Tim Drake, who are the other two that figured out his identity through their own resources. The Riddler is the best guess though.

Stop judging and just enjoy...


2. Rachel Dawes was actually the original Two-Face?

Hear me out...

This is another theory with a lot of evidence, so stop hating already. In the comics, Harvey Dent became close friends with Batman and shared many of the characteristics that Rachel and Wayne possessed instead. Remember that Rachel Dawes isn't even in the Batman comics. This, in a lot of people's opinions, was Christopher Nolan's way of saying that he might wanted to have a female Two-Face. It goes on: in the movie, Rachel Dawes takes what Harvey Dent's job was in the comics. Sounds to me as if Nolan was giving a pretty big nod at a possible different look at this great Batman villain.

3. Killer Croc is the badass Bank Manager

This theory posits that the Bank Manager would soon grow to be Killer Croc. Now listen, in my opinion Christopher Nolan had big ideas for this A-list actor. After the Bank Manager tries to stop Joker and his goons from stealing from the bank, Joker stops and walks to the Manager instead of straight up murdering him like he would do normally. The Joker than gives the Manager a toxin to breathe in and states the famous line, "Whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you stranger." Why would Joker make this comment if he was just killing the man? It just doesn't make sense. Or does it? Fans are split between the theory that he eventually grew into the monster that is Killer Croc or simply became addicted to the toxin and was going to grow to be the original Bane. This would have been very cool to see on the big screen.

4. Mr. Freeze was rising to power in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Yes, you did read that correctly. Give it a chance.

This theory is backed up by the fact that Christopher Nolan loves to tease upcoming events and characters that appear later in the film or in the subsequent film. For example, Catwoman was teased in The Dark Knight when Fox told Wayne that his new suit "would do well against cats." Or another example is when Bruce Wayne drunkenly told his friends in Batman Begins that they were all "two-faced," hinting at the upcoming villain, Two-Face. Fans use this as an explanation for the supervillain Mr. Freeze in Dark Knight Rises. After Bruce Wayne finally decided to become the Batman once again, he visits Lucius Fox. During their conversation, Fox responds to him saying, "So you've come out of your cryo-sleep." 'Cryo-sleep' is the procedure Mr. Freeze used on his wife so that he could find a cure to her illness as she slept. Also, later in the film the whole city is shrouded in snow... although it may well just may be winter.

5. Roland Daggett was Clayface's boss

This theory is actually the most possible as it has direct references to the animated Batman series. In the animated series, Rolan Daggett was the owner of a big business that created a cream called Renuyu to modify one's face. Unable to sell this item due to the addictive toxins in the cream, Daggett gave the cream to his employee, Matt Hagen, so that he could commit crimes without being recognized. In Dark Knight Rises, a character named Rolan Dagget hires Bane and an employee to take down Bruce Wayne's company. He is the same character and has the same links to Clayface. People think that the employee in the Dark Knight Rises was Clayface; same as in the series, just with a different name.

6. Three big villain theories that probably aren't as possible

  • Sal Maroni is The Penguin because of his limping after Batman throws him off a ledge.
  • Bane was actually trying to make a better Batman by training him in The Dark Knight Rises instead of trying to kill him.
  • Joker was trying to save Gotham in the long run.

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