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Hey fun kids! It’s Neon and I’m checking in with a cosplay blog; I originally posted this blog as originally a gallery of Anna Lynn’s best cosplays, but I decided to pluck up the courage and ask for an interview to get to know her better, and she agreed!

『Anna Lynn is a Northern Californian college student with a passion for cosplay, a talent for making her outfits and a positive attitude to boot. With growing popularity I think it only right we give this girl a little bit of spotlight: 』

So here’s my re updated blog with my pick of some of her best cosplays, my interview with her and a few questions for you.

What are your thoughts on her cosplays? Yey or nay? Do you have a favourite cosplay of hers? And would you like to see me do more interviews, and if so, with whom?

Once again i’d liked to publicly thank Anna for agreeing and to ask you guys to go support her on Facebook by liking her page Anna Lynn Cosplayer! 1.8k likes and counting :grinning: As well as having had this interview I’m happy to know she’s recently set up an account on Cosplay Amino: Anna Lynn Cosplay: So go support her on there as well!

As always feel free to comment, discuss and like of course. Without further ado let’s begin:


》Hi Anna, it's so great that you agreed! Thanks so much, I really appreciate this!

My first question for you starts at your roots: How did you get into cosplaying? It’s a pretty unusual hobby, did you have someone you looked up to? And if so do you still have one now?

Hey! I'm glad you sent me the questions: now I can just bust out some answers!!
I got into cosplaying when I went to my very first convention actually! I've always been into anime, manga, comics,and video games and I had always wanted to go to a convention or try cosplaying but I come from a rather small conservative town so it wasn't very common (and kind of looked down upon) so I kept it to myself haha then I moved to college and met many people with the same interests! So a really good friend of mine asked me to go to Anime Expo with her and told me that I could cosplay and that a lot of people do it! I was SO EXCITED!! So I guess you could say she got me into it and I am SO glad she did

》And all your fans are glad that she got you into it as well , myself included! I know the feeling all too well of living in a conservative town, and I applaud you for getting out of there and finding something you love so much as cosplaying, and then following through to such an extent!

》My second question is what’s the best part of cosplay for you?

The best part is...everything!! I love every part of it!! That's why I'm so addicted haha late nights making a cosplay, wearing it, getting pictures taken, being the character I love, and meeting people who enjoy that character too! It's all so amazing :)

"The best part is everything!"


》Do you enjoy making the costumes? I’m guessing it’s hard work and expensive a lot of the time.

I love making the costumes!! I'm not really talented when it comes to artistic things so its a really great way for me to be creative! It is hard, but I personally love the challenge of figuring out how to make things grin emoticon each cosplay I make, I learn new techniques or how to improve upon what I've already done! Its always so fun finally getting something right :)

》I know that feeling of satisfaction, it’s probably the same as when I finish a really long blog lol!


》What are your opinions on people who break genre?

TEAR DOWN THE WALLS OF GENRE! I think its awesome when people combine things or put a new twist on a character/series/genre! Like steam punk sailor moon? So cool. All of NoFlutter's work? Freaking genius! Cosplaying is about having fun and showing your love for a character the way you want to! So if it breaks genre, who cares :)

One Punch Ma'am in her fighting gear!
One Punch Ma'am in her fighting gear!

"Tear down the walls of genre!"

I just checked out some of her art, and wow I agree; it definitely puts a fresh new twist on something that’s been done so many times before. Also as someone who really enjoys steampunk, I’ve got to suggest that you try that cosplay sometime! Steampunk Sailor Moon ftw! :) I absolutely agree with your view, if there’s one thing I’ve noticed about the internet and new things, it’s that it can either go up in flames or can be hailed as amazing and absolute genius. The latter would be the definite preferred in this case XD


》Do you have a favourite genre to cosplay? And if so, do you have a favourite anime to cosplay from?

My favorite genre is definitely fantasy! It's not an anime but my favorite thing to cosplay from is DoTA 2! I've put in hundreds of hours into the game and there are so many different characters and sets to choose from.

》DoTA standing for Defense of the Ancients (thank you google!) It’s great that you cosplay from outside of anime, it definitely adds some more depth to your range :D


》Does it bother you when people know nothing about the series they’re cosplaying? Take your most recent cosplay of Saitama, I noted you watched the series and came to understand his character, and from there that made you want to cosplay as him?

I don't think it matters if you know the character or not. Personally I only cosplay characters that I feel really strongly about, but that is in part because I only have so much time and money to devote to cosplaying so if I'm going to cosplay something I need that connection to justify it haha if I had unlimited time and money I would cosplay everything that even looked slightly cool!

I chose Saitama for a couple reasons. I think the first is pretty obvious to anyone who has watched or read it, but he's so funny! He's an utter goof haha worrying about vegetable sales in the middle of a fight! Who does that?! I also loved how simple he appears on the surface but how he's actually a pretty complex guy. I tend to chose my cosplays suddenly, get really excited about it, then throw myself into it until its done. I had been toying with the idea of doing him, then had a dream, woke up and decided to do it haha so I guess you can say I just really liked him and was inspired by the idea to cosplay him! I'm a simple person.

》That’s certainly an ambitious idea to cosplay everything that looks cool, and I all too well know the woes of having a limited student budget! Your gender bend of Saitama is definitely my favourite of your cosplays, it’s fun and I find it hugely ironic that the questionably manliest character to grace our screens this season would be gender bent in a cosplay, in a good way of course. It’s definitely a striking cosplay but still remains very true to Saitama’s character, I give you props for such a fab cosplay!


》Do you ever need to get into character? Or is that too serious?

I try to get into character for photoshoots and when people ask for my picture! When I'm walking around a convention I'm usually having too much fun to remember to do that...

》Well that’s definitely a good reason to not get into character :)


》How often do you cosplay? And would you like to do it more often?

I cosplay at conventions and for photoshoots. I think it's around 5-6 times a year? I would love to cosplay more but I am a full time college student with limited funds...


》Is there anything that bothers you about cosplay?

I think the only thing that bothers me about cosplaying is when people are mean to cosplayers for what they are cosplaying. People make cosplayers feel bad for being too sexy, too out of character, too different, for doing a cosplay from a series with a bad reputation, for...well you get the point. 95% of cosplayers are cosplaying for the fun of it, for themselves. So when someone makes them feel bad for that it really gets me riled up!

》Absoloutely, that’s such a positive attitude to take and one I believe all people should adopt.


》Does it make you nervous to be eyed by regular visitors at a public event?

I don't feel nervous about that. I think most people would stare at a scantily clad elf warrior carrying a 7 foot long spear haha most people are looking because its cool or different or they really like it!

"...most people are looking because it's cool or different or they really like it"


》What's the most important part of cosplay for you? To have fun? The final result?

The most important thing for me about cosplaying is 100% to have fun and to be entertained by it. If you aren't having fun, what's the point? Cosplaying is a hobby for me and I think hobbies are supposed to be fun and provide entertainment!


》On Amino we have a few young cosplayers? Do you have any words or tips for some them or any young cosplayer?

So I had to go look up what Amino was (its real cool! I got one, no idea how to use it but I'm working on it haha). I think the thing that I can say to young (or anyone really) is to never be afraid to be who you are. The world is full of people who will tear you down, but full of many more who will be kind and supportive! The former is just much louder. As long as you love what you do, and you are having fun while doing it, there is nothing to ever be ashamed of!

That’s a lovely way to end this interview and her answers have only served to reinforce my prior thoughts when I first saw her cosplay of Saitama. She does apologise on behalf of the length of the blog “Sorry that ended up being a novel haha” courtesy of Anna Lynn but I hope that we can forgive her because that outfit of hers is truly kick ass

Thanks to all that read, commented or liked! One last call for people to go support Anna Lynn on Facebook and keep checking Neonfun 391 for more awesome blogs! Have a good day lads and lasses cause:

Neon is out!


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