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You shut the front door, I am totally geeking out right now, but who's voicing the characters? Will Kevin Conroy, play Batman - and Mark Hamill, play The Joker? Yes, and we are currently waiting on other details from Cartoon Network! Could this possibly be as good as Justice League: The Animated Series? Is Guardians of the Galaxy, awesome on Disney XD, along with Star Wars Rebels? Why would any non-fangirl ever date me? Do women find mid-twenties, comic obsessed attractive - well some actually do,no not the kind you pay for either!

This Makes Sense!

Along with Justice League Vs. The Teen Titans, why not try to make Spider-Man money (over a billion $)? But really, have you tried to watch Teen Titans Go!, I have to watch it with my nephew, for it not to be juvenile. They will have quarter-hour long episodes, to ensure the action with high-quality! You have this many high-profile characters, you might as well make that cheesecake!(that was sorta lame?) By the way, the series will follow the holy trinity, (Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman) while they do different team-ups, each episode!

Are Animated Series For Kids and Adults?

Did I mention the producers, Justice League Action boasts Sam Register (Teen Titans Go!) as its executive producer, with Butch Lukic (Justice League, Batman Beyond), Alan Burnett (Batman: TAS) and Jim Krieg (Green Lantern: TAS) as producers. Wow, is it still more for kids though? It doesn't matter, this is a multi-billion dollar industry, of comic book lovers. We are the majority, therefore we decide if we're too old to watch something (never)! Just sit back and enjoy the new animated series, from DC/WB, and think this was uncool in the 80's!


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