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So my friend came over tonight, and we saw Ant-Man, him for the first time, and for me, the fifth time. Anyways, there are spoilers, so just be aware.

Hank Pym's wife, the first Wasp, went sub-atomic in order to deactivate the bomb during WW2 or something like that, and when Ant-Man goes sub-atomic to destroy the Yellow Jacket's titanium jet pack, he sees something, and even though he seems out of it, he obviously must remember something, like how he inserted the disk that enlarges things into the regulator of the suit to get out, because if he didn't remember that, how would he have become Giant-Man in Captain America: Civil War? I mean have you seen the new lego sets and the new Pop vinyls?

Giant Man! up close!
Giant Man! up close!
6" Super Sized Pop!!!
6" Super Sized Pop!!!

By the way... whats up with the new black war machine? Look at the lego set... Read my other article about my theory on War machine and see if this image supports it.

Anyways, Ant-Man could possibly remember how he got out, therefore could he remember seeing Wasp, Janet Van Dyne?

Yes that's right, Wasp.

Check out these pictures I took of what caught my eye in the Ant-Man goes sub-atomic scene...

Look again...

What is that?! Does that look like Wasp or not? I mean he HAAS to get her back so that someone can train Hope how to be Wasp, I mean, Hank taught Scott, so who would teach Hope? No one knows how to fly the Wasp suit but Hope's mom, unless Hank somehow wore that suit first... Which I highly doubt because the suit was evidently made for more of a woman's body figure.


So what do you think? Does Scott remember the sub-atomic realm, and will Hank help him find Wasp, and the does Wasp train Hope to become the next Wasp?


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