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Early this week Deadpool gave us, men, pretty good advice on how to check for testicular cancer with the video Men Berries, part of the campaign . If you miss it, here it is:

And today, checking my twitter feed i ran into Ryan Reynolds tweet about Deadpool's Presidential Campaign El Presidente 2016.

To be honest with all of you i have to think about this for a sec, just take a look at what the US presidential candidates are offering and then take a look at Deadpool. He doesn't look that bad when you put them all together.

Deadpool El Presidente 2016
Deadpool El Presidente 2016

It was for my disappointment that shortly after his announcement, Ryan Reynolds came back again to let us know Deadpool was pulling out. WHAT? .... Seriously? I was looking forward for chimichangas stands on every corner.

Deadpool did this in the most political fashion with a handwritten letter, at least he used his campaign letterhead:

Too bad America, looks like we'll have to wait and see if he change his mind again.


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