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We just can't wait for the midseason premiere on Valentine's Day!

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead last November left us hanging as to what happened to the rest of the characters in Alexandria. This beloved place was invaded by the same walkers they were trying to lead away for the most part of season 6. Rick's group did what they had to do to escape: cover themselves up in walker guts to hide their human smell. But there's just this tiny bit of problem.

This kid:

Sam and his mother, Jessie.
Sam and his mother, Jessie.

Annoying as he can ever be, Sam just can't keep his mouth shut. It's understandable that he's new to these "monsters" and that he's scared as hell ever since his dad died and their neighborhood was trespassed by killer Wolves. I mean, who wouldn't?

But what was it that he was itching to tell her mom at that crucial point? Wasn't there someone to signal him to stay quiet after he uttered his first word? He said "mom" three times and louder as they go. Oh, how I loved to squeeze this boy and get him out of the scene!

So what will happen next to Sam?

A. He will get left behind to die because of his carelessness.

B. Walkers will notice him and will let go of either his mom's hand or his brother's.

C. He will panic and shout for his mom even more.

D. Rick will save him for Jessie's sake.

E. A less notable member of the group will get sacrificed because of him. Maybe Ron or Father Gabriel. Or the forever infant Judith.

F. For some reason, they will all get through this and no one will die.

What else do you think will happen to Sam and the group? Let your imagination take you to the comments section below.


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