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We heard the rumors, and now we know! Lorelai, Rory, even Luke are coming back to Stars Hollow on Netflix!

This is the news we have been waiting for! For the past few months, rumors have been swirling that we might have the chance to return to our favorite quaint Connecticut town with the world's most iconic mother/daughter duo, and now we know for sure! Netflix took to Twitter to announce, in a very appropriate way, that they will be giving new life to the WB's Gilmore Girls, and wait for it, WITH THE ORIGINAL CAST!

Check out the post

As you can see, Netflix tagged Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham, who, by the way, also joined in on the announcement fun via Twitter and some stolen property...


After some serious negotiating, other cast members making their return to Stars Hollow include Scott Patterson (Luke), Kelly Bishop (Emily), Sean Gunn (Kirk), and Keiko Agena (Lane)! Predictably, Melissa McCarthy is absent from the reboot's roster, most likely due to contract negations falling through, but hey, we can hope for a cameo! In fact, there are a few cameos I wouldn't mind seeing, like Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) or Jared Padalecki (Dean)! Hey, one can dream.

Along with original cast returning, other details have surfaced about the nature of the revival coming to Netflix. The show will be presented as a farewell season set in present day and take place over a one-year period. Netflix will split it into four 90-minute movies that will be produced, written, and directed by creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband. Having Amy Sherman on board is HUGE for the fans, since many felt her not being attached to the final season of Gilmore Girls is what made for an unsatisfactory conclusion. Now Amy can end the show how she had wanted and originally planned to, at least we hope! No release date has been announced.

In honor of this monumental announcement of feels, here is a refresher on a few of Gilmore Girls' best moments!

1. When Rory Graduated Chilton

...and we all felt like a proud mom and cried for ever and ever...

2. When Luke and Lorelai Had Their First Kiss

...and the stars aligned and we knew romance wasn't dead...

3. When We Watched Rory Have Her First Break-up

In front of EVERYONE!

4. And When Rory Was Ready To Wallow

...and so were we....

5. When Paris Had A Breakdown Over Harvard

...and it was oddly satisfying to watch...

6. When Rory Joined The Life and Death Brigade

...and we happily lived vicariously through her...

7. When Emily Told Richard She Goes First

...and, again, we were reminded that true love exists.

8. When Jess Tells Rory 'I Love You'

...and the world stopped...

9. When Lorelai and Rory Finally Speak Again After Months

...and we called to make up with our loved ones too...

Reliving all these moments, can you just imagine all the Gilmore Girls goodies we are going to get in this reboot? I may or may not be crying just thinking of them. The fact that the original cast is back is more than we could ask for, so all I have to say is thank you Netflix, and I'd like a hot cup of coffee waiting for me at Luke's Diner.


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