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WB and DC entertainment confirmed that there will be a new Justice League TV series a while ago. Recently we got out first look at the series. And I think it wont be as good as the old one.

Justice League Action- Too cheesy!
Justice League Action- Too cheesy!

By looking at the above picture we can easily tell that it is kinda like Teen Titans GO!! Too funny...not serious at all. The animation has changed.

One thing I like about this is the new costumes. They look like these as based on the 'New 52' costumes. One more thing I like is that Wonder Woman is less sexualized. I know some people will be disappointed but I like it.

Batman's utility belt is black in colour. WTF.WTF.WTF.

One more thing.... Superman's face looks like the 90's Superman starring Dean Cain as the man of steel.

Look at the face...
Look at the face...

We can also see some other DC characters in background like Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Hawkman, Shazam, John Constantine etc.

We can also see Darkseid right in the middle... who I think will be the big bad of the series.


One thing I noticed about Darseid is that he is not based on the 'New 52'. His costume is the old classic one.

Some other things I like are:

1) Wonder Woman's sword looks badass!!

2) Supes is not wearing any underwear outside!!

3)Batman's new symbol looks good

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