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Captain America: Civil War began filming in April 2015 and since then we've had a number of tantalizing elements teased to us, including this awesome trailer!

Right... so you'll notice two things from the Civil War trailer: it's unbelievably, mind-blowingly awesome, and of course, there's a severe lack of Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

There are conflicting theories as to why we haven't seen much of Holland's Spider-Man so far, the most prolific of which are that his role is either too small to warrant a trailer appearance, or too big to spoil. Frankly, it could be either, but now that our new Spider-Man has been spotted on set we have a little more to go on. So let's start speculating!

As you can see above, Marvel co-president, producer, and director, Louis D'Esposito, has posted an on-set photo alongside Tom Holland. The pair seem to be on board some kind of Avengers aircraft, similar in appearance to the Quinjet.


If Marvel were shooting a scene with our new young Spider-Man aboard an aircraft then it's likely Tom Holland was appearing alongside Robert Downey Jr.'s character, Tony Stark. Considering Captain America's role in Civil War is as the rebellious outcast, it's pretty unlikely he'd have one of Tony Stark's jets amidst the chaos of the Civil War story arc.

Spider man,Cap,Iron man
Spider man,Cap,Iron man

But does this mean we can we expect Tom Holland's Spider-Man to mirror the role of his comic book counterpart, initially teaming up with Iron Man before switching sides?

Most importantly, does this mean — and this is a stretch here — that we could see The Iron Spider come into play as Spider-Man's second suit?

The Iron Spider
The Iron Spider

It's difficult to say whether we haven't seen much of Holland's reinterpretation of Peter Parker because he's not set up to play a huge role in Civil War or because Marvel Studios is holding back a serious plot twist. But considering Spider-Man's prominent role in the comic book, it seems likely that we can expect Holland to play an interesting role, whether small or large.

(Source: Uproxx.)


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