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Can I get an "AMEN" for Monty Green FINALLY getting a solid bit of storyline?

The "Grounders" surrounding Bellamy, Monty and gang at the end of the season premiere turned out to be Arkers from the recently discovered Farm Station. Monty's mother called out to her son and was able to stop what could have been an incredibly unfortunate quarrel between two groups of Sky People. I mostly just LOVE LOVE LOVE that Monty was reunited with his mother. I almost cried. Then he learned that his father didn't make it and I did cry. I just have a lot of feelings about Monty.

What's intriguing about this new group of Arkers is that they will bring a whole different take on surviving Earth. Already we are told that the Farm Station survivors suffered great loss at the hand of Grounders, specifically the Ice Nation. Pike, a former Earth Skills teacher on the Ark, shows zero love or tolerance for any Grounder after revealing that only 63 of his group still survive. Pike's hostility towards Indra even as Kane explains their alliance and trust in the Grounder and her clan is apparent and rife with future conflict.

Clarke is experiencing some conflict of her own at the hands of bounty hunter Roan. Clarke attempts to break free of him but is clearly outmatched. Their squabble in the river manages to wash off Clarke's berry-stained hair and Roan's grimy face. Now he's sure she is Wanheda and she is sure that he is from Ice Nation.

The two end up frolicking through a meadow where fellow Ice Nation bounty hunters close in around them. There is no love between Roan and his people when the others try to take Wanheda for themselves. Roan easily strikes them all down. Clarke manages to get her hands on a knife and stabs Roan in his ridiculously chiseled stomach.

In the same meadow Bellamy, Kane, Indra, Pike and the adorable Greens continue to search for Clarke. Bellamy spots her through some binoculars and his relief made my suppressed Bellarke feelings begin to slowly come back to life. He wants to take immediate action but is stopped when an army of Ice Nationers begins to walk through. Indra leaves to warn her Commander and Pike directs everyone else to a cave until the army passes.

An injured Roan takes Clarke down some abandoned stairs into what was maybe once a subway station. As he bandages his wound, the two bond over their respective "hide and please don't seek" games with their own people. Roan, who was apparently banished by the Ice Nation, ultimately wants back in with his group and sees Clarke as his golden ticket.

Over in the cave, Monty asks his mother to tell him how his father died. She tells him that the Farm Station landed in snow which helped keep many of the people inside alive. Pike then explains that Grounders began to kill Ark children that were simply out playing in the snow. Monty's father did not hesitate to save as many as he could. He managed to rescue 4 but when he went out for the fifth he never made it back. He died a hero.

Pike uses this story to express his overall disdain for the Grounders. This storyline may be a rehash of "we hate grounders, let's kill them all" from the past two seasons but I'm okay with it so far. Honestly, it's realistic that someone is going to straight up be unreasonably hateful to an entire people group and use whatever they want to justify this hate and subsequent actions. I mean, that happens in our own society, right?

Nobody notices Bellamy strip a dead Grounder for his clothes and leave as they share their horror stories. Bellamy attempts to hide within the Ice Nation army and succeeds. He steps away from the marching group and follows a blood trail to the subway station holding Clarke. He's being super reckless but I don't care. REUNITE! REUNITE!

Everything outside of what happens on this show tells me that Bellamy and Clarke are not meant to be more than a deep friendship. The writers, the creator, the actors, general craziness from the fandom itself, etc. made me accept that Bellarke is a superior relationship in many ways but will probably never go past platonic.

But then Bellamy gives Clarke super heart eyes and the amount of emotion and relief they express EVERY time they reunite after episodes apart is enough to give me some hope. It's whatever. I'm going to like what I like.

Too bad this reunion went south fast becasue Bellamy decided to not check the area for Roan before trying to break out Clarke. Roan holds a sword to Bellamy's throat but Clarke begs him to let her friend go. She offers to willingly do anything for Roan. Roan complies but stabs Bellamy in the leg so he can't follow.

Bellamy hobbles through the woods and is found by Monty. He continually tries to go after Clarke but Monty manages to talk him off the ledge. He can't really do anything useful with his injury. Bellamy cries that they can't lose Clarke and I love him for it.

Roan surprises us all by not taking Clarke to the Ice Nation Queen but to Lexa instead. Yay. Please note that that is sarcastic. I'm still not here for Lexa. I will never support a Clarke and Lexa relationship because people just shouldn't reconcile (romantically) after one leaves the other's entire people group for dead. I will also never really like Lexa as a character unless she reveals a hidden mutant llama farm that she meticulously takes care of and allows Grounder children to occasionally take out on fun joy rides. I just really love llamas.

In a storyline that I AM SO HERE FOR, we find out that Roan is not only from the Ice Nation, he is the PRINCE of the Ice Nation. Why was he banished? And by his mother? WHY? I love fictional royalty stories so I'm pretty stoked for this. Roan asks Lexa to lift his banishment. I guess as the Commander she can overrule the Queen of one of the clans. So is "Queen" just a self-appointed title? If so, LOL. Lexa basically gives Roan the finger and sends him to prison. She doesn't want to deal with a Queen or a Prince right now. Instead, she tries to ask Clarke to be on her side. Even says that she needs her.

Clarke is on my side with this whole llama farm = forgiveness deal because instead of being chill with this Lexa reunion she spits in her face and calls her some wonderfully colorful names. You go, Clarke! The episode ends with Lexa looking out on her people, probably silently regretting all of her terrible love life choices, from a SUPER tall building. Maybe this is Polis? The Capital we heard about last season? Whatever it is, I am worried about the structural integrity of that building. How did it survive a nuclear war? Also, does it have working elevators or are many of the TreKru clan's calf muscles crazy large right now?

In the Arkadia storyline, Abby and Jackson are tasked with saving Nyko's life after he approaches Lincoln with a severe injury. The best way to save him is to use Mount Weather's facilities. It holds Nyko's blood type considering it's the place many of his people were drained for their blood. Abby again asks Lincoln for his opinion on using Mount Weather because this will continue to look bad in terms of their alliance with the Grounder clans. There's just so much bad blood (ha) there, but Nyko is Lincoln's friend (and really a friend to everyone. You go Nyko!) so he asks Abby to save him.

Abby randomly decides to bring Jasper along. I figured it was to keep an eye on him or because he needs to start healing from the trauma, but they kind of just let him wander around on his own once they are there.

He makes his way to the room where Mount Weather stores all of humanity's greatest art pieces. He proceeds to destroy a few. Cool, Jasper. Octavia eventually finds him sitting and staring at a painting depicting the second level of hell. It was Maya's favorite. Oh Maya. Jasper manages to open up a bit, though, which is probably emotionally healthy. Here's to his recovery!

The most significant part of this storyline is Abby deciding to open Mount Weather as an official health station. She is urged to do this by a desperate Jackson and a supporting Nyko. Jackson knows they need the medical technology to help their society thrive. Nyko believes the Grounder clans will eventually see this too. Mount Weather can be beneficial for his people as well as theirs.

Finally, in this episode, we learn some truly mind-boggling stuff about the City of Light. Jaha is only able to see A.L.I.E. in his little mide palace that he retreats to when meditating. I'm assuming he takes a little blue chip, as he gave Murphy last week, and enters the City of Light within his own conscience. It's a beautiful city scape and A.L.I.E. explains that it does not allow for pain or death. Write that on the Yelp review.

Jaha vows to fill the City of Light with his own people. It's unclear how this happens. After Emori kills Gideon, the mutant-man accompanying Jaha and gang on their little excursion, he shows up fine and dandy in the City of Light. He is no longer deformed. So, how is a dead man in the City of Light? Was his own consciousness uploaded somehow? So, even after death he was still there in the City of Light. And people still living can go too? I am so confused. But also intrigued.

Some thoughts:

1. I appreciate that Pike already has a significant connection to many of our former delinquents seeing as he taught many of them on the Ark. It gives him some weight as an influential new adult on the show because it's easy to grasp the idea of students willingly following a respected former teacher. I just hope that his entire existence isn't purely to have conflict for the sake of having conflict, which I fear will happen. There's enough conflict on this show with the impending Ice Nation war and A.L.I.E.'s super sketchy City of Light.

2. I want to dislike Jasper because I think he is a terrible "best friend" to Monty and his actions over the past two seasons have been rash and annoying but I'm honestly grateful for his storyline so far. His complete spiral into emotional and mental depression is something I thought we would see in many characters on this show. It's pretty realistic for a teen (or anyone really) to act out in this manner especially after experiencing so much pain and suffering.

3. I love the differences in how characters are dealing with both the consequences of their actions and their bleak circumstance. Clarke ran away. Bellamy is putting blame and responsibility on himself. Monty is choosing to move on because he has to. Jasper is falling apart. The variation of acceptance and denial shows our inherent differences as people. When we are thrust into the same situation, we will not all act the same way.

As viewers, we may not agree with how a character is acting. We can admire Monty's strength and determination to move on with life after learning of his father's death. We many wish Jasper would react the same but that's not how life works. That's not how people work. I appreciate that this show is exploring the complexity of human emotion and actions in the face of grief even when it makes us cringe at a character that was once our comedic relief.

4. Can I get another AMEN for Monty? I love Monty. I want to write a fan love letter about Monty because I think he's great. He hasn't even had a super amount of material before now to justify my level of love for him, but I don't care. He's smart, brave, honest and an excellent friend. He continues to support Jasper even when Jasper treats him like dirt. He continually saves his friends by not only creating sustainable energy and food and tech sources, but supporting their emotional and mental needs. He's such a gem.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. There were some things I liked more than others and that's reflected in the amount of words I spent on each storyline up above. I did miss Raven this episode and I really hope they do not sideline her character this season. I'm hoping this isn't the most of Monty we are going to get either. I hope Murphy remains sassy and Bellamy remains recklessly brave. I hope someone, at some point, asks A.L.I.E. to explain the City of Light like they are 5 years old because that's probably the only way I'm going to understand whatever is going on there.

And may the writers see this somehow and incorporate a mutated llama farm at some point in the future. You know you want it.

Jaha, out.


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