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(There will be spoilers. Enjoy!)

Marvel's [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) is not classic Whedon, but it is classic Marvel! How is dropping a city from the sky, not considered an awesome evil plan? My biggest problem with AOU, why are the Avengers going to a Civil War; when they should be preparing for Thanos?

Tony says that they're the end game up there, yet we're about to see a brawl between, well sorta bros! I like to watch usually a comic book movie, before beddie bye - it gives me memorable dreams! Last night, I've noticed numerous hints at what's to come, and I finally realized that Tony and Steve's beef is most definitely ramp up - in this movie, to the point that I understand wanting to punch him in his perfect teeth! (It really sounds like flirting, right, I'm not one of those sexual deviants, but the tension?) The funniest part of the movie came in the beginning, when Stark said 'Good Talk,' and a Hyrda's thug said ' No, it Wasn't!'

Ultron Was Too 'Human'

Is this why people dislike Ultron, he showed too much humanity? Why is an AI, in so much pain, Vision? He mirrored Stark in both mannerisms, and speech patterns. Why didn't he do what little ducks do, and form an attachment with Banner? Ultron was obsessed with cosmetic surgery, like Stark - when is he going to build the perfect Iron Man suit? What he also provides, now that I displayed the baseline of his Stark persona, is obviously inner-workings of Stark's psychology! I obsess over things, that's part of who I am - my obsession with Marvel, there's a lot worst things I could be doing! Ultron was without a doubt, very petty - and I loved how we're all petty (we are)!

Speaking of obsession, I really enjoyed how the generations of Starks, were handled? Why is there a Civil War, going on in Tony's head? I will get to how Tony and Steve's interpersonal relationship leads up nicely, to that Civil War - but J.A.R.V.I.S was Tony's creation 'He hates you the most,' classic Jay! This really did feel more like 'Iron Man 4,' than a new Avengers movie. Tony considers himself a god, that's what you need to take from Ultron. Mrs. Barton said it at the farmhouse, Ultron personified all of Tony's insecurities - and now he rectified it with Vision, he's back on a pedestal. You've might of noticed that, I really didn't understand, to what extent - until last night.

Tony/Steve's Civil War

Imagined 70 years have past, and you just saw the love of you life again after 70 years - and she says 'Let's go home!' Then this egomaniac, who just created genocide of the human race, is asking you ' Don't you want to go home?' For some odd reason, this pissed me off, last night. I never noticed that detailed before, you probably have. This movie does subtleties, in a way, that's make this Whedonesque. I will also add Tony was outright hilarious, Zucchini's and Prima Nocta! Tony wants to save the world alone, and Steve wants to do it together. How do you defy a god? I could compare all day, on what's the difference between them - but basically Steve's not a good soldier, he's a good man, and Tony's not. (A little Batman and Superman, right?)

Scarlet Witch/Vision

All right, I'm totally shipping this couple - and I hate relationships in these type-of-movies! There's not a enough time to make a satisfying connection, amidst of all this action. She can warp reality, by manipulating the probability of a certain event! He has one of the most powerful artifacts, plastered on his head (move over Michelle & Obama). I honestly couldn't say which one is more powerful? I just wanted to mention this, cause we're about to see them battle in 'Civil War'! If Hulk was part of the next movie, he would totally battle Scarlet Witch (right)?

Hawkeye/Black Widow

Natasha leads Baron Zemo to Hawkeyes' family, and that's DRAMATIC. What else would bring Clint, out of retirement? Due to the Superhero Registration Act, Romanov oust Barton's household. Does it make me a bad person, if I think they'll die, in 'Civil War'? Clint and Nat, have the one of the most awesome friendships in the MCU, and Hawkeye will kill to protect his family. I love it, and when Clint Barton dies in the next movie - we're going to miss him!


Was Tony's vision prophetic, in Strucker's lab? Will all of those Avengers die before Infinity War? Will Stark die instead, because his ego was bruised when Cap said he wasn't a hero? Any guesses, is purely fanboy speculation, but that's all right! This is why we all are so enamored with Marvel's MCU! Did anyone noticed that Cap held his own, against Ultron in Korea? Of course War Machine is pivotal in 'Civil War', he represents the government (I like Cheadle's performace as Rhodey!).

I believe 'Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron' is a classic movie, it leads directly into Marvel's Phase III. That movie conduit, that's really hard to accomplish - I don't understand the hate that comes with this movie? How is the Avengers battling an army of robots, to stop a city from falling, and creating extinction for the human race - and people say it was anticlimactic! I am open for suggestions, of how to make it bigger and better! After watching it numerous times, it does lead nicely into 'Civil War', it just does it with it a subtle touch.

'Captain America:Civil War' hit theaters on May 6th,2016 in the U.S.!


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