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Since October 2015, rumors of a long-awaited Gilmore Girls revival series going on at Netflix ran wild, with even the star of the show, Lauren Graham tweeting:

"Dudes, I can´t confirm this. But I also can´t deny this..."

This, alongside the entire cast reuniting and Amy Sherman-Palladino´s desire to finish her show, gave validity to the rumors but nothing was confirmed... until now.

Netflix posted this on their official acebook page:

The picture came with the announcement that the whole series will be available on Netflix alongside a new season.

Warner Brothers has also confirmed the news. Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, Kelly Bishop, Sean Gunn and Keiko Agena are expected to return alongside many other original cast members that have yet to be confirmed. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, her husband, Daniel Palladino, and production company Dorothy Parker Drank Here Production are set to return as well.

No official title for the revivial or episode count were announced but when the rumors started, it was said the new series would consist of 4, 90-minute episodes, with each set in a different season of the year.

Sets for the show have been in construction for weeks now, meaning filming should start very soon.

Are you excited to have more cups of coffee with the G girls in Luke´s diner?


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