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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has dominated the comic book movie domain for quite some time now. Their only competitor at that time seemed to be Fox, and they were never always on point. With Man of Steel, we now know that DC and Warner Bros. are launching their own cinematic universe with all of their top class heroes. This year, two movies are slated to debut, dawning the era of DC. Awesome right?

Now, many people compare these two universes, even though both sides have claimed that fans shouldn't, since both universes bring different elemants to the table, and follow different models.

Now that we have seen many trailers for Batman v Superman, as well as the CW's special, it gave us a view into the DC Cinematic Universe.

So the question is, can we start comparing these two universes. Well, both yes and no. We cannot compare them directly because DC is in the works on launching its universe, and Marvel is definitely ahead of them. So what can we compare? How about, the overall themes of these two universes.

Specifically, the concept of secret identities.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe this idea does not exist. The last time it was talked about was during the first Iron Man movie.

This was during the last scene of the movie, where Tony brilliantly exclaimed, "I am Iron Man." After that it was never considered. Steve Rogers was Captain America, there was never a difference between the two. Similarly Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff chose to not conceal who they are. Even the fact that Barton has a family did not come into play. Wouldn't he want to hide who he is, so the bad guys couldn't get to the people that he loved?

It is understandable for Thor, since he is who he is. But what about the rest of them, do they not feel as though they should hide who they are, not for themselves, but for the people they love?

That brings us to...

The DC Cinematic Universe

Even though there is more speculation then fact at this point, in Man of Steel, Superman made a big deal about his identity. We can assume that both Wonder-woman, and Batman would want to do the same.

Zack Snyder as well as the actors themselves have commented about how there will be two different sides to these characters. One side will be when they suit up and take action, and the other will be when they are living their normal lives, as normal people do.

These themes will be explored in this new growing universe, and it is something that audiences have never truly seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To conclude, both universes are very difference, with very difference characters. But DC is choosing to explore a frontier that has never been explored before. So, I guess they only question that remains is, are you ready for the DC Cinematic Universe?


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