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Maze Runner

There are a lot great movies (like Hunger Games and Maze Runner), but there are also many, many bad movies too (like Harry Potter).

Here is my opinion on HG vs MR vs D vs HP:

Hunger Games is sooooooooo great. The movie is awesome, the characters feel incredibly real and the plot is spot on! The main character is my second favourite main character of all time. And Peeta Mellark is so kind and cute and sweet and caring and loveable. And my favourite character of all time is Finnick Odair, I just love him so much! All the characters are great and real. The world feels so real and the series have so great themes and messages. After the last movie, I was an emotional wreck (because of spoiler* Finnick and Prim). This is one of my two favourites.

Maze Runner is a-MAZE-ing. The movie is awesome and great. The characters are so real, because they act and talk like real teenagers and they are so great. This has a lot great messages. The main character is the best main character EVER! He beats every other main character, and he is my second favourite character of all time (with Peeta Mellark). The characters Newt and Minho is also sooooooooo great. The last movie, The Death Cure, is my most anticipated movie of all time.


Divergent isn't as great as Maze Runner nor Hunger Games, but it's still good. The main character is very great and the character Four is sooooooooo dreamy. I enjoy watching it.

Ugh, then we come to Harry Pottet. The movies are sooooooooo BORING. It's weird. How can people even compare this to the greatness that is Maze Runner and Hunger Games? Or even Divergent? The characters are so weird and ugh. I think I'm done talking about the weirdness that is HP. Sorry, HP fans.

So this is my opinion. Maze Runner and Hunger Games rules!!!!!!!



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