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[DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) has so far been amazing. Between seeing Captain Cold and the Atom work together to "Boba Fett" everything has been breath taking. However, the best part of it all, we are only two episodes in, and we still have 13 episodes to go of this. Now it's time to start looking and searching for Easter eggs and hints the series gives. It is also time to make predictions for what lies ahead in the series, so here is the top 5 things to expect from Legends of Tomorrow.

5: Booster Gold Referrences

In the comics Booster Gold is a big time traveling character. He is from the future and is even the father of someone you may know by the name of Rip Hunter. Plus Arrow has made countless references to Kord Indistries. What makes that improtant is the best bromance in DC comics history is that of Booster Gold and Ted KORD. I'm not sure if Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow will ever bring either character on board but it is definitely something to watch for.

4: The Emrald Archer and Scarlet Speedster

It's no secret that the three shows (Arrow, the Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow) will crossover with each other again this season. Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen A.K.A. the Green Arrow) even confirmed in an upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow we will be seeing a future Oliver Queen with one arm and the famous goatee AND Connor Hawke. And during the very first Legends of Tomorrow trailer and even during the season finale of the Flash we see Barry (the Flash) fight Savage's men alongside Captain Cold, the Atom and the White Canary. I'm not sure this footage will appear on the show but it never hurts to hope.

3: Stronger Hawkgirl

It's no secret that Hawkgirl is still learning. She hasn't remembered most things from her prior lives and is still adjusting to her powers. Her mentor and love interest for 4000 years, Hawkman, was killed by Vandal Savage on this weeks episode of Legends of Tomorrow. She is now on her own. However, she will only get stronger knowing she is the only one who can kill Savage. She will probably recieve training from Sara or Snart but no matter what happens, Hawkgirl will become stronger and stronger until she has the strength to kill savage and get revenge for all the times he's murdered her.

2: Personality Mixes

One can only be around someone for so long before they start acting like them. It's no different for this team. Snart and Rory's criminal ways (or as they call it "survivor ways") might be shown in the lawful Ray Palmer sometime this season. Maybe the harsh ways of Sara will affect the easy going Jefferson Jackson. No matter what happens or who it happens to everyone's personalities will bleed into one another. I personally believe it'd be really cool to have to see Ray Palmer break the law or do something bad to save his life, but right now that's just a hope.

1: The Return Of Hawkman

Okay, so Hawkman died, but he's not gone. Even if it's not Carter Hall we see we will more than likely see Hawkman in another life, it might be as Joe Boardman or even Prince Kufu. Hawkman isn't gone or lost, he'll be back, but Carter Hall is dead. Not Hawkman, but Carter Hall. Plus no one ever truly dies if they are a superhero, this is no exception to that famous rule.


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