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A lot of theories have been going around recently about the identity of Zoom in The Flash season 2, with some really crazy ideas also put out there, such as Barry's mom being Zoom (she's not even the right gender!) However, recently I had a random thought, that my girlfriend helped to build on.

Is Jay Garrick actually Zoom?

It seems quite ridiculous. After all, recently Caitlin discovered that Jay is actually dying, after getting some of his cells. But take a minute to think about it: this could easily be a ploy to get everyone off of his back, so they don't suspect he is Zoom. Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne) got rid of any suspicion that he was the Reverse-Flash when he 'trapped' the Reverse-Flash in a force-field while he was outside, which turned out to be just a hologram. Placing dying cells would be quite easy in comparison to that stunt.

But maybe it isn't actually Jay Garrick that is Zoom, but rather Hunter Zolomon posing as Jay Garrick.

Recently, Hunter Zolomon was name-dropped as Jay Garrick's double on Earth-1. Those who have read the comics know that Hunter Zolomon is Zoom, although with a differently colored costume. However, what if Hunter Zolomon also existed on Earth-2, and he was Zoom? Then during an epic fight with Jay Garrick, he killed Jay and stole his speed, after which the dead body of Jay Garrick went through the portal. After all, Jay went through the portal wounded, and there is no way he could've healed himself without the speed force, so he is quite possibly dead.

Therefore, it was Hunter Zolomon who crossed over to the other world, tracked down the only speedster there, Barry Allen. He first sent a villain over (atom-smasher) to see the capabilities of Barry, and then deemed that it wasn't the right time to steal Barry's speed just yet. He then approached Barry, fabricated the entire story about him being Jay Garrick and losing his speed to a speed-demon named Zoom, who was so fast that Barry would appear to be standing still next to him. Barry would then have to get faster to combat Zoom, and the new villains Hunter was sending over. Hunter was able to coach Barry in order to make him faster.

Then Harrison Wells of Earth-2 arrived, and threw a wrench into things. He wanted to slow Zoom down, not speed Barry up (initially). This was catastrophic to Hunter's plans, so he blackmailed Harrison to give up on that idea and work on making Barry faster, so that he could steal his speed and get even faster.

After all, Jay Garrick hardly ever appears now, and when he does, its just to flirt with Caitlin, who he doesn't seem to care much about. He was missing during the fight between Barry and Zoom, after which Barry was in a wheelchair.

This theory might be complete baloney. But I for one think that I am right, and my girlfriend thinks that this isn't the most moronic idea I've come up with. It would also make a very interesting twist on the show.

Feel free to drop a comment below on why I might be wrong!!!


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