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In honor of this upcoming super hyped film; Batman vs Superman, this list will be dedicated on how the Bat can take on Supes. The main consensus is that Superman would obviously take out Batman any day out of any week, but knowing that this is going to be a movie, it won't obviously be as easy. Batman has defeated Superman in the comics multiple times so let's look at how he could defeat this God in film form.

1. Kryptonite

Duh...anyway this is actually how Batman defeated Superman in the comics several times. Superman, in the comics, gives Batman a kryptonite ring just in case he ever goes crazy or loses control. This seems like the most plausible thing that might be brought up in the film, but we will see. Batman has even created alternate forms of the mineral to take Superman down.

2.Batman's Sidekicks

Fans might be able to witness some of Batman's greatest sidekicks in this upcoming film, but also maybe not. The thing is, Batman very rarely works alone in the comics and this might be a great time for help in taking down Superman. Batman is all about strategy so why not?

3. Superman's Enemies

In the trailer alone we have seen a couple of Superman's greatest villains. This could be the result of Bruce Wayne hiring some peeps to take him down. Bruce Wayne is one of the most powerful people in the world, so almost anyone is willing to work for him to gain his respect and even his money.

4. Lois Lane

The love of Superman's life would be an obvious chance for Batman to take Superman down. Batman has every advantage in this aspect as he could make any demand he pleases if he takes this woman hostage. This might be the only chance Batman has.

5. Planning

Batman has taken down most of his greatest foes due to just planning alone. Batman has created some of the strongest and fiercest gadgets know to all of mankind. Let's hope Superman just gives him a week or two for Batman to prepare.

6. Bat-Armor

This armor was actually in the trailer which gives the fans hope that it will come through like it does most of the time in the comics. This armor is strong enough to hurt Superman if he pulls a punch and defensive enough to take a couple hits back. This could be the advantage Batman needs to take down Superman.

7. Superman's Identity Being Revealed

This was a huge deal in the comics when Batman figured out who Superman truly was because this proved that Batman was smarter than Superman. The battle of wits may be played in the film and would be a smart way to make the public turn on Clark Kent.

8. Fear

Batman's main advantage has been the fear he has struck into his enemies hearts. Even in the comics Superman has feared The Dark Knight. Batman could use this as a tactic to fool and ultimately bring down Superman.

What are other ways Bruce Wayne can take down Clark Kent?

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