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Donald Trump, a businessman and US presidential candidate has been seen throughout the media in the last few months and has been highly criticized for his views on how to "Make America Great Again". A numerous amount of times, Trump has expressed his opinions on Muslims and other groups of people; especially how he feels it would be ideal to remove them from the country.

Marvel CEO, Isaac Perlmutter typically shies away from the press and is rarely seen in photos. But, just recently the comic book CEO donated $1million dollars towards Donald Trump's veteran's fundraiser. Trump held the fundraiser instead of attending the most recent Fox News GOP debate. Most people viewed Trump's drop-out as cowardly and now many Marvel fans are outraged by the CEO's support of a presidential candidate who is very highly controversial.

A representative of the Perlmutter family stated that the family was thrilled to support their friend Donald Trump and his efforts to help out American veterans.

The main reason comic book fans are upset is because Marvel has always supported diversity in comics with different races and religions as superheroes. Most of all, fans are upset because of Ms. Marvel, a muslim-superhero. And with the Marvel CEO supporting Trump; who views Muslims as a threat, fans are confused.

At first, many people were angry when first hearing of the news because they feel that Donald Trump isn't what Marvel has stood for over time. But, fans are advised to remember that even though he is CEO of Marvel, Perlmutter does not have to speak or represent Marvel's writers, artists, and editors. This does not mean that the company, Marvel, supports Trump as a whole.

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