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He wasn't the first Pokemon, and he's certainly not the strongest, but there's no denying that the most famous Pokemon in history is Ash Ketchum's best friend, Pikachu!

Pikachu has been there since the beginning, appearing in the anime, the games, and across every other media as pretty much the mascot of the Pokemon franchise!

Being such a prominent figure in the Pokemon community, it only makes sense that Pikachu has the most standalone games of any the many Pokepersons.

From Pokemon Yellow to Hey You, Pikachu!, the little yellow electric mouse has appeared in quite a lot of Pokemon spin-off games in a starring role. But his newest standalone game is sure to garner more attention for the Poke-mascot than previous games. Why? Because this game stars a speaking, mystery-solving Pikachu.

Great Detective Pikachu is an upcoming game for the 3DS starring you and Pikachu. You, along with your tiny detective friend, search for clues and solve mysteries. What stands out about this game is that instead of the traditional chant of "Pika pika", Pikachu actually speaks!

Now, when you think of Pikachu speaking, you probably imagine a soft and somewhat squeaky and adorable voice. Something like Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls.

What you probably don't imagine is the exact opposite of that. Just watch the trailer below to hear Pikachu's unexpected voice:

Yeah...that's his voice...

As strange and unusual it is to hear a voice like that coming from Pikachu, that's just the Japanese voice actor. The American voice for Detective Pikachu has the potential to be much, much weirder!

The US localized version of Great Detective Pikachu hasn't even been announced yet, but hopeful fans are already voicing their opinions to Nintendo for who should voice the tough-as-nails electric detective.

Should the game ever come out in North America, Poke-fan Sairith Aramor has started a petition to have Nintendo of America hire...Danny DeVito as Pikachu.

Danny DeVito, the famous actor known for roles in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Batman Returns as The Penguin. The 71-year old actor certainly has a ton of characters under his belt, but does he have what it takes to add Pikachu to his credits?

Yes, the answer is absolutely yes! Maybe not the original Pikachu, with the adorable mouse-like voice, but Danny DeVito can certainly voice Detective Pikachu! Just look at the stern and quick-tempered nature of Detective Pikachu, DeVito has the perfect voice for such a character!

If you don't believe that Danny DeVikachu would be the greatest thing to happen in the history of ever, just check out this fan-made video as proof!

As awesome as it would be, it's a little unlikely that Nintendo of America would hire Danny DeVito to voice Pikachu. But if you're as hopeful as the rest of the fans who want this to happen, make sure to sign the petition!

And while we're on the topic of actors with voices incredible enough to match Detective Pikachu, here are just a few more that I think would be PERFECT for the role of the Poke-sleuth!

Liam Neeson

Come on, you know you'd play this! Liam Neeson has proven time and time again that he's got the perfect threatening voice. From Taken to Star Wars, Liam Neeson's characters have always had a dangerous and stern vibe to them.

Just imagine his voice coming out of Detective Pikachu, no one would doubt the skill of the tiny detective! Of course, if Liam Neeson were to voice Pikachu, there'd almost certainly have to be a scene in the game with him on the phone. Simply so he can say "I will find you. And I will zap you." Because not even a Pokemon games should be free of Taken puns.

Gilbert Gottfried

One of the most iconic voices in voice acting! When you hear Gilbert Gottfried's voice in anything, you know exactly who it is right away! Gottfried has a number of voice acting credits, from Superman: The Animated Series to Family Guy.

He might not be as threatening as Liam Neeson, but if you're telling me you wouldn't want hear Iago from Aladdin interrogating a suspect as a Pikachu in a deerstalker, then we can't be friends.

Benedict Cumberbatch

If you're going to make Pikachu a detective, you might as well have him voiced by the greatest detective of all time! Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Sherlock in the show of the same title, so he's already shown what an incredible detective he is.

Detective Pikachu as a "highly-functioning sociopath" would be amazing! Plus, everything is better when you add Benedict Cumberbatch to it! Now all we need is for Pikachu to have a partner in the form of quick-witted and sarcastic Jigglypuff who was a wartime doctor and everything will be right as rain.

While any of these actors would do a great job portraying Detective Pikachu, I am 100% behind the Danny DeVikachu movement!

If you want to show your support for this insane movement, sign the petition and share it among your friends!

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