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May people have been saying that Rey is a Kenobi or Skywalker. What if she is both?

When Rey touch or saw the lightsaber Obi Wan was the one talking to her and she had her vision. Why would Obi Wan talks to Rey if they never meet? It is because she is his granddaughter.

What is possible answer to this that Obi Wan had a daughter and she and Luke fell in love with each other. That would mean Rey is Ben Solo's cousin. That would explain why the force I'd strong with her. Yoga has said once that the prophecy could has been miss read it could be that instead of Chosen One it was Chosen Ones and it was all of Anakin's family.

Rey so far is the hero and she is so powerful with the force because it is on her both sides of her family line. That is why she has so much power to do things fast. May the reason Rey was left in Jakku was to protect her because since Jedi could see the future they saw that evil would rise and left her safe in Jakku. It might be that her mother didn't make it and died and Luke wanted her to stay in Jakku so she didn't get involved in the fight and didn't suffer.

This is just another theory but it could be right.


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