ByVijay Patel, writer at
Anyone can harness the potential power of the force (every cell has midi-chlorian, right... so everyone has them)... Lucus himself said so... just have to practice he said. "Anikan was conceived by the midi-chlorians ... ", so is everyone else. Anikan had a midi-chlorian count of 20,000... is that all (WTF)?? Every cell has a midi-chlorian living in it... there are Over 30 trillion cells in the human body... so Ren has a midi-chlorian count of 30 trillion'ish. Who has the greatest count... Jabba the Hutt because he is the fattest. My theory... Rey has been developing the mental state/abilities required for using the force since 3-4 yrs old. Rey raised herself (likely from 9-10 yrs on) in a physically demanding world, learning physical and mental relaxation, control of mind and body, and excelling in self-confidence... just like in the martial arts. I can't think of any Jedi that raised themselves. Look at her can-do attitude... how quickly she adapted at every step... how she was the lead with Finn, Hans Solo & Chewbacca. That's also why she was able to resist Kylo Ren. He's undisciplined, emotionally unstable (i.e. crazy angry at setbacks), whinny, average intelligence ("leave the bot... we have the girl, WTF), arrogant and unfocused... basically out of control. As a lonely child stories of Jedi and the force captured her imagination... were they real, where did these stories come from, maybe they do exist some where in the stars... will she leave this planet some day. One thing was for sure, if the stories were true she would be one of the best Jedi... if not she would be in the evenings under the stars weaving her own stories... and so time passes. Those stories blaze in Ren's subconscious upon learning her hero's are real... you will be the greatest Jedi of all time... you are ready... her subconscious says.

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