ByDylan Maddalena, writer at

I keep hearing all sorts of things about how bad Batman v Superman is going to be. "The trailer showed the whole movie!", "Batman TEAMS up with Superman... WHAT?!?", "Zack Snyder sucks!"

Know what? I DONT CARE. I've been waiting for this movie since the 80s, and I'll tell you something else: I liked Watchmen. There. I said it. It's good. And not only that, but it was a perfect warm up for this movie.

Could Man of Steel been better? Sure. But I really liked that movie too. It didnt just introduce this world, but gave us a modern Superman. Plus, anything with Amy Addams has a leg up on most movies.

Im worried too. But boy does this movie have to suck for me to hate it. Doomsday would have to be a throw away villain, Luthor would have to be God-awful, the fight between Batman and Superman would have to be very very short, the plot would have to be incoherent, and a million other plots would have to be shoehorned in. All those things would have to be done and done badly for me to be disappointed. So far, Batfleck is killing it. Cavil is still a GREAT Superman. Amy Addams is in it. What else can I really ask for? It's a movie after all; meant for entertainment. All the vitriol online is not only premature but blown WAY out of proportion. Moreover, Avengers 2 had all those problems and it was STILL highly entertaining.

For those reasons, this is by FAR the movie in 2016 that I'm most looking forward to.


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