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Finally, a "Super" season of Power Ranger that might actually live up to what the title change suggests. Fans were pleasantly surprised last year when Power Rangers Dino Charge turned out surprisingly good. And this pilot is no exception. The pilot takes place fresh off the heals of the finale with evil newcomer Heckyl who, as fans predicted, is also Snide. Having defeated Sledge, Snide plans to steal the energems and conquer the universe. The episode is overall, very good. The pacing throughout the episode is just right. Considering this episode is only a continuation of a past season, it could have ended up rushed. However, it seems to take just enough time to fully develop it's characters and does well foreshadowing what is to come without feeling like simply a trailer for future episodes. The episode does a good job of developing Tyler and we get a special cameo from veteran Power Rangers actor James Gaylyn who plays Shelby's father. Fans can also expect an Easter Egg that harks back to Mystic Force. In terms of character development, the episode does a good job re-introducing us to Tyler, a character who now sees more joy in being a Ranger than responsibility and Shelby who has to juggle her Ranger responsibilities with school life. However, every other Ranger in the episode isn't given enough time to shine. Also, it doesn't do the best job of filling in the gap between this episode, and last season's finale as it fails to explain what Shelby is doing at Summer school despite the fact that she went out to go help Tyler find his dad in the finale. But the saving grace of this episode is Snide. He actually comes up with a clever plan to get a job at the museum to get closer to the energems. Plus, he has a legitimate reason to go send his henchmen after the Rangers while sits around rather than just killing them himself. Because he doesn't know when he'll revert to human form. The uniqueness of this character as well as his manipulative personality make him a more than promising villain. Overall this is a great start to what will hopefully be the best "Super" season yet.


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