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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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In a bizarre new country, Bob Harris( Bill Murray), has to accommodate to their strange culture and it's language barrier.

Along the way he meets Charlotte(Scarlett Johansson) who is struggling with her relationship and feels that her husband is very distant from him.

In a lot of terms, they are sort of trying to find out why they came here. Bob obviously came here for work purposes, but at the same time feels alienated as he doesn't know what to do in this strange country, and finds that it's hard to adjust to this type of culture, and it's the same with Charlotte. As Charlotte herself has been left alone most of the time, and gets a bit jealous when the husband spends more time with his co-worker than her.

But over time Bob and Charlotte go out together,they do things together and start to enjoy each others company and this is a problem as both of them are married but just want to have some connection that they become attached to each other. At times, they try to do things on their own but always feel alone. And with each other they just feel accompanied.

They have fun with each other but then Bob goes on a binge and complicates things further but Charlotte sort of understands but is a bit disappointed as she thought they had something special in this strange place that has strange culture and because they both had a hard time adjusting to the life here and just thought that they would adjust together, and they sort of did. And as Bob has to return to the U.S soon, Charlotte decides that they should stop seeing each other.

But at the end of the day Bob still feels attached to Charlotte and decides to tell her goodbye at least. Charlotte tears up and leaves him saying that it's fine, and tells him to have a safe flight.

But Bob knows that Charlotte felt a bit left out and before going to the airport decides to catch up to her to tell her a proper farewell and whispers into her ear something quite understandable, but I just caught the end of it. As he said "hope to see you soon okay? Bye". Or something along the lines of that and that's the mystery and the open-ended thing of this movie as it makes you think what he said at the end, but I feel it should be fairly simplistic as it was quite a short whisper, and it would have been something with a proclamation of love and also the hopes that they would meet again in the future.
Somewhere, somehow.

In terms of story line there is a lot of depth to this and it makes you feel alone, isolated and alienated as visiting a new country should, and that it's quite uncomfortable. In terms of plot it's mostly about finding yourself and it happened to be in a camaraderie between them, and that it's really spending time with someone familiar, especially in a place where you can't understand things.


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