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Warning: The following content discussed contains spoilers.

Released on November 6th, the twenty-fourth installment of the Bond series leaves an important question:

Is it the proper send off to Daniel Craig?

The movie starts off typically with Craig doing his job: carrying a rifle in hand and heading to aim a perfect shot at the enemy in Mexico City during Dia de Los Muertos. It turns out that Bond is trying to finish a job that old M (Judi Dench) had sent to him, even after her death. While Bond ends up discovering a new evil organization that has caused all his trouble in his past three films, the new M (Ralph Fiennes, a.k.a. Voldemort from the Harry Potter series) tries to protect the 00 program from being replaced by a global surveillance program.

Given the short synopsis above, the movie fails to give further plot development. Franz Oberhauser, played by Christoph Waltz, states that he is the mastermind of all troubles that Bond has faced. Even though he says so, the movie fails to deliver the evidence. And that evidence does not count plastering the faces of the past characters on the walls. Speaking of walls, “Writings on the Walls” is also another debatable topic of the movie. Although Sam Smith vocals are quite heavenly, the song, in general, does not seem to suit a Bond movie. To include, that opening sequence in which Smith’s song was playing is quite awkward and has no real relevance to the plot in general. The use of the octopus was overdone and the fact that there were ladies all over Craig was to the contrary of the movie—the opening sequence is more provocative than all the “provocative” scenes in the movie combined. Also, Daniel Craig seems slightly clumsy than usual throughout the film. For example, he is not suspicious of the video camera that records his every move (later to backfire him) and is “wise” enough to ride an airplane (which he magically gets ahold of) too close to the trees for comfort.

However, the movie does deserve some applause. There is more humor in comparison to the last movie Skyfall. The answer to his lover Madeleine Swann’s (Léa Seydoux) question was hilarious along with Q’s (Ben Whishaw) sarcasm. The introduction to Christoph Waltz’s silhouette was a brilliant shot along with other scenes that panned without being cut. The movie also contains many Easter Eggs, alluding to the the previous Craig movies and even further.

But the question remains: was this movie the epic finale of Daniel Craig’s chapter in the Bond series?

Well, he hopes it is. According to The Guardian, Daniel Craig states that “I'd rather slash my wrists than play James Bond again… All I want to do is move on.” Even if he were to play the role again, “it would only be for the money.”

Audiences can only wait if Daniel Craig is willing to put on the Tom Ford suit again or pass it on to the next rookie.


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