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Ex Machina Review

Ex Machina is the story of Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) a computer programmer who gets invited to a private location where eccentric billionaire and genius Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac) shows Caleb what he has been working on. We find out that Bateman has been working on an Artificial Intelligence (Alicia Vikander) and Smith is there to test it.

The acting is done quite well. Oscar Isaac does an excellent job at being a strange possibly mad genius. Domhnall Gleeson does a great job as a very anti social individual, but it is Alicia Vikander's performance as the Artificial Intelligence that is the best within this film.

She as the AI makes us question it as a whole as well as questions like is it good or bad thing. She also makes us question our humanity and control of things and creation of AI. Finally she makes us question our destiny in world that includes AI. These questions come up when Gleeson's character has to interact and test Vikander's character. The responses and the way she acts and the changes she goes through throughout the film led me to these questions about AI and how it is portrayed in other films as well.

Over all the movie was pretty decent and I recommend one buys it on digital or bluray. A 7.5 out of 10


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