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Dean Winchester, you da man!

So far, you've lived through all sorts of crap:

Your mom getting fricassee'ed on the ceiling when you was just a baybay

Getting t-boned by a demonic truck driver

Killing ole yellow eyes, but setting Lilith and allll her friends loose

Dying about 1,000 different ways in one day

Hound of hell (sort of survived it...well, not really)

Followed by a trip to hell...

...and back

Lucifer rising

LuSamifer beatin that ass

No Soul Sam letting you turn into a vampire

Dick Freakin' Roman

And your subsequent trip to Purgatory

That funky First Blade and the Mark of Cain

Dying and becoming Deanmon

And all sorts of rip-roaring good times with Crowley

Even a hot-for-your-bod DEE FREAKIN' WALLACE!!!

Mildred. I mean Mildred.

I'll wait while everyone catches their breath.


So if you've been keeping up with The Adventures of Dean & Moose (AND WHY WOULDN'T YOU) you'll know that...


Dean doesn't have the mark, but Amarkness (dang...Amara, mark, and darkness all in one? Bam!) does, and she and Dean are bound together with this freaky ass bond.

The mark is there somewhere, I promise. It was passed down to Dean from Cain-

go Nebrask!
go Nebrask!

Who got it from Lucifer, who got it from God Himself.


Hey, I'd end up hating everyone if someone put a big ole permanent "L" birthmark on my forehead too.

So, not only is the key to keeping the darkness at bay not on Dean's arm anymore, it appears to be on Amara. What do you do when a key that was keeping something horrible locked up is now in possession of that horrible something?

Well, they DID have an angel on their shoulders.

aw, shucks
aw, shucks

But then he went and got possessed by freakin' Lucifer!

Annnnd he killed Crowley's mama, which was kinda cool.

So, now what? Dean, not knowing Castiel is Lucifer (don't EVER google “supernatural castiel lucifer” and look at the images by the way...nasty stuff), tells him everything about his bond with Amara, and Luciel (Castifer?) gets all grinny, and appears to come up with a devious plan.

Since Dean and Amara will always be there to help each other, is Lucifer going to use Dean as bait to get to Amara? Since one of the brothers die at some point in every season, and Sam almost died last time, when Dean had to either kill him or Death, so it's Dean's turn. Right?

I really have no clue what Lucifer is planning for Dean, but it can't be anything good. It probably involves killing Dean, which in turn will kill The Darkness, and then Lucy can go about continuing the apocalypse.

Well, whatever happens...

Here's to an appearance from all the archangels!





Oh hell, back that stuff up...


Unless Lucy really did knife him for good. Being the Original Trickster, I highly doubt he's gone for good.

And something big from Lucy

And maybe, just maybe...


What do YOU think Castifer is gonna do to Dean?

Supernatural season 11 continues Wednesdays on The CW.


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