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Jane Got a Gun Review

It wasn't my original intention to see this movie so early but my intended movie was sold out but luckily Jane Got a Gun was showing at the same time.

So as you can imagine from the name of the movie, Jane Got a Gun is a western, but unlike other westerns or Tarantino Western's, this one has a female as the lead, in the form of Natalie Portman. A quick and abbreviated non spoiler summary of the film goes like this: Jane is a wife and a mother. Her husband has been shot by a bunch of criminals who is after him. Jane attempts to nurse her husband back to health but cannot fully fix him up. She intends to protect her husband and her house with everything she has, but she knows its not enough so requests help from a friend of hers. Along the way we learn about Jane, her husband, her daughter, her friend, and the men who are chasing after her husband.

The movie stars Natalie Portman as Jane, Joel Edgerton as Dan, Noah Emmerich as Bill, and Ewan McGregor as McCann. Natalie Portman does a great job as Jane after learning her background in the story, but is with Joel Edgerton and Noah Emmerich that I give most praise. Joel being Jane's friend and Noah being Jane's Husband, both of them do a great job as we learn more about their characters and the circumstances that have brought them to their current predicament. The movie is relatively quiet and not really action packed but it is strong with character development. The strongest character development occur's with Jane and Dan, and Bill is strong static character after learning his backstory.

Overall, Jane Got a Gun is decent western, I have seen better but I have also seen significantly worse as such the movie deserves a decent 6.5 out of 10.


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