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We've got a good look at Warner Brother's new Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and we know who is playing Flash and Cyborg. With DC announcing The Green Lantern Corps, I have some recommendations of who I think would not only work well together as the guardians of Sector 2814. So without further ado, let's jump right in:

"Stop me if you've heard this one, Bats..."
"Stop me if you've heard this one, Bats..."

Hal Jordan - Bradley Cooper

In an alternate universe, Bradley Cooper would have been Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern movie that was brought to us by Ryan Reynolds and Ryan would have been the DCCU's Wally West. With the DCCU taking the serious, darker tones with their universe with Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman respectively, I think that Bradley Cooper has the physicality, cockiness and charisma to really bring Hal to the silver screen. With his turn in movies like Limitless, American Sniper, A-Team, I think Bradley would have what it takes to run with the trinity.

EDIT: You know, I may need to fully alter this article. First comment is really making me rethink Hal. I'm warming to Matt Bomer more and more for Hal. Thoughts?

Runner Up: Matt Bomer (Bryce Larkin - Chuck)

Hello Ladies...
Hello Ladies...

John Stewart - Isaiah Mustafa

John Stewart has played an integral part in the more recent Green Lantern Corps stories told over the last 15 years. From Justice League Unlimited to the new 52 stories and even the Injustice: Gods Among Us series, John has been featured in all incarnations. While Mr Old Spice himself has voiced his want to play Luke Cage (sorry you didn't get the role, mate), once again, the charisma and character of this guy would work for John Stewart's no nonsense approach to defending our sector side by side with the other GL's. He has the voice, the physique and combined with Bradley Cooper, I could see them working well together.

Runner Up: David Oyelowo (Martin Luther King, Jr - Selma)


Guy Gardner - Aaron Paul

This was probably my favorite to cast and this actually got me writing this post. Anyone that has watched Breaking Bad knows Aaron Paul can play feisty, opinionated and a downright bastard with expertise. And That is essentially Guy Gardner (without the, you know, meth thing). I imagine Aaron's Guy looking at Affleck's Batman, rolling his eyes, and dropping a "Whatever, BITCH" and flying off. He can play impulsive, brash, would bring so much energy to the role. I could easily see Aaron Paul stealing the movie from everyone.

Runner Up: No one fits this role better than him at the moment. It's like Patrick Stewart playing Professor X. It just fits.

The Raid: In SPACE
The Raid: In SPACE

Simon Baz - Iko Uwais

The first comment on this post called me on someone I totally left out. Simon Baz. And how could I over look him. So I'm including him now. While I think that the DCCU will focus more on the "tried and true", they are still showcasing different angles of the DC stories we know and love. So they very well could bring Simon Baz into the mix. That could be the whole damn story. That being said, Iko Uwais is insane. While I don't think he's of Lebanese decent like Baz (I think he's Indonesian), the physical game Iko brings to the table is on point. And he's good with a gun too. Give him a ring and boom. You've got yourself the newest lantern!

You want me to do what with this ring?
You want me to do what with this ring?

Kyle Rayner - Logan Lerman

Okay. Kyle's story didn't really start until after the passing of Hal in the traditional comics. But that's okay as we know the DCCU is taking it's own spin on the characters. Having Kyle as a new recruit for our sector after the escalation of Supers in our realm post Man of Steel, would be a good angle. Logan has shown he can keep up in an action sense with the Percy Jackson series and also shows his acting chops in 3:10 to Yuma and Fury. With his boyish looks, he would easily slide into the youngest member of the GL Corps for our sector. now this one was a bit of a toss up for me.

Runners Up: Zach Efron (Just couldn't bring myself to actually put him in the role).

Supporting Cast:

Stand in line, ya Poser
Stand in line, ya Poser

Kilowog - Keith David

Famed character actor and a man with a commanding voice, Keith David, would fit into the role with ease. While the character may be CGI exclusive, letting Keith riff and put his tone into it would be nice. Do some motion capture with his facial expressions and you've got a great paring.

Runners Up: Clancy Brown, Patrick Warburton

Sinestro - Mark Strong

One of the few things the Ryan Reynolds GL movie got right was Mark Strong as Sinestro. There would be zero need to change him. Bridging him over to the new GL Corps movie would be brilliant. But I think that there should be a deeper threat to call in the entire GL Corps. Perhaps something that Sinestro Corrupts... something like....

Manhunters - Jeff Bridges

Okay, go with me here for a moment. Give Ganthet Jeff Bridges voice, and have the Manhunter's face modeled after Jeff's clean shaven face and you have something both menacing and cold. Jeff Bridges is a seasoned actor and if Sinestro finds a control the Manhunters and focuses the attention on the Lanterns. You have an all out space war.

This doesn't really have any plot that is added to it and there are other supporting characters like Carol Ferris, Ganthet (see above with Jeff Bridges) and more. But I think, like others have said before me, that the Green Lantern Corps movie should be the DC Universes space odyssey. An all out war. Gigantic strongholds vs GL Constructs. I know that when it does debut, it will probably be compared to Guardians of the Galaxy and that's unfortunate as this is a series that should have a completely different tone. All in all, I'm excited. So did I hit or miss with these? Let me know who your picks are for the characters above!

It's good to be back!


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