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The Merc has a mouth that just can't quit........... Gaining fans that is.

Within the last years we have seen the rapid surge in the rise of Deadpool fandom. With the recent re-release of his own video game and upcoming theatrical debut (of the seemingly 'true-to-form' film adaptation) the "Regeneratin' Degenerate" has had more eyes on him than ever before. It seems MARVEL has taken full advantage of the hype. Starting February 3rd with "Deadpool & The Mercs for money" there will be four currently running comics out with Deadpool plastered on the cover.

Google searches for Deadpool over the past 10 years
Google searches for Deadpool over the past 10 years

A comic book character akin to a cyanide capsule coated in chocolate

Without the motor mouthed quips and comedic elements littered throughout a typical arc of a Deadpool comic, he would be a darkly depressing character to digest. The story is of Wade Wilson, a skilled killer who develops cancer. A person so consumed with desperation, he forfeits his rights and agrees to dangerous medical experiments conducted by Weapon X (who say they will cure his cancer), that end up killing the majority of subjects. All for the slight hope of normalcy; or as normal as the mercenary life could be. That life would never return as Wade Wilson's inflicted with powers he never asked for and a disfigured body and face he certainly didn't ask for. He develops a schizophrenic like mindset along with a changed personality and above-Wolverine-tier healing factor, thus creating the alter ego Deadpool. His healing factor doesn't cure his cancer, it accelerates it and puts tumors all over his body and he is stuck in a limbo of super cancer as his powers fight to keep it in check. The experiments done by Weapon X are even used to make him kill his own parents, he was constantly administered drugs that wiped his mind and kept him from knowing their true identity and relationship. Without the chocolate coating to Deadpool's cyanide it would be a story about a man so tired of living that he actually wants to feel deaths permanent embrace, but no matter how hard he tries....he never is able to.

Death holding Deadpool
Death holding Deadpool

Finding something to live for

Just because Deapools past is seeded with a past dark enough to even scare Freddy Kruger from entering his mind, doesn't mean there isn't a good amount of charm within. It's the yin and yang balance of comedy and drama that really make Deadpool. His childlike sense of humor and constant annoyance to other superhero's lightens the load, it's the sugar to help things go down. Only within the pages of Deadpool will you laugh as the "hero" blows someones head off; And the only excuse he had was someone mentioning the "Star Wars" prequels were better than the originals. He is more complex than jokes and killing people for money. Weapon X may have made him a murdering lunatic, but occasionally you can see Wade Wilson's true colors. He is constantly seeking validation from other superhero's. He has had aspirations of joining The Avengers and X men, so obviously he has some will to do good. Although the years of others using and abusing him has made him sporadic and unpredictable, most hero's don't take him serious or trust him. It is evident that Deadpool is searching for some greater meaning in his universe but usually ends up empty handed and bloody. With the recent revelation that he has a daughter we have seen he is capable of truly loving and caring for someone else.

A Hero? A villain?

Deadpool may have done some good deeds and opened his heart and charmed the audience on occasion......But he is still a murdering psychopath who mainly looks out for number one. Spider Man has called out Deapool saying "You don't want to be a want to be loved for being one. Theres a difference". Deadpool replied "No there's not". And Spider Man is right. Deadpool usually only does things if it benefits him. I mean, his main form of income is murdering people! In most cases people would call him chaotic neutral or an Anti-Villain. He has some redeeming qualities, but even when he does good most the time he uses immoral ways to complete the job. So therefore as long as he has his evil tendencies and uses unjust ways as a means to an end, he can never truly be a hero. No matter how much good he does.

The fourth wall

Deadpool is unique in that he knows he is in a comic and can speak to the audience and knows real life events and people etc. Only after the Weapon X experiment when he's turned from Wade Wilson to Deadpool is he aware of the Comic Book medium. He has used this from everything as banter to confuse the enemy to accusing the audience that they are horrible for being entertained by his misfortune. Anything that people know in the real world, Deadpool is aware of.


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