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DC's Legends of Tomorrow started off with a bang recently, bringing together the current DC superhero roster together onscreen, with an amazing cast full of brilliant performances, even bringing in the bigger names from the TV shows like Stephen Amell, although he just makes a glorified cameo.

The show is very flashy, with great visual effects (for a TV show), as well as it should be, as there have been rumors going that the show is costing quite a bit. It starts out on a low note, seeming to follow every time-travelling stereotype ever, using dialogue as its only method for exposition, and regurgitating information at an exponential rate. Rip Hunter is the typical all-knowing time traveler, and the 'legends' are your typical rebellious superheroes that seem to be intent on wreaking havoc on the timeline due to their selfless values, no matter the consequences. There is the appearance of a villain, but he has no character and its quite easy to forget who he is, or the fact that he was even in the episode.

Then the show hits you out of nowhere, hitting you incredibly hard with its twist, that turns information that seems irrelevant to very vital. The show changes all the rules, and turns from a very typical show to one that stands out from the rest.

The show also works on character development, and not always the characters you quite expect. It gives them depth and changes your view on them. One character in particular, Captain Cold, seemed in danger of becoming a stereotypical criminal who is only there because he wants to profit. He is then given development that reminds us that he is not like other criminals, that he has a code of honor. Martin Stein is made to be more human, rather than the cold scientist he was made to look like before.

There is plenty of room for improvement though. The show still seems to fall back on the typical time-travelling stereotypes, and relies too heavily on dialogue for exposition. The special effects are great yes, but there are moments from The Flash that look visually more pleasing, and Legend's of Tomorrow will only benefit from a CGI heavy shot that could rival some of The Flash's moments.

As it stands, Legends of Tomorrow is a very good show, but it leaves room for improvement. But considering it has only released two episodes (technically 1), it has plenty of time to get better. I am definitely looking forward to more episodes of this awesome show.


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