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David Marmolejo

Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye. Marvel's most known and greatest team ups in Comic history. The Avengers. Fighting Loki, Chitauri, Ultron, themselves, Galactus, Barem Zero! If feel if I had the ability to become one of these characters it would be the Hulk, no doubt about it. His timeline with the Avengers, going to a different planet in Planet Hulk, Fighting Wolverine & Thor and many other fantastic stories he has been put into, plus the fact he is a green raging death beast, it's incredible. (Incredible Hulk Pun) In Age of Ultron they bested the Robotic maniac known as Ultron, and this year minus my hero (Poor Hulk) and Thor, Civil War is coming to life. This is huge! Granted Marvel is missing a lot of property such as the Fantastic Four, The Punisher, Daredevil, and many other characters from the actual book, but one character they got back that I'm extremely pumped up for is Our Friendly Neighborhood Hero Spider Man. Yes. The Web Slinger will make his debut hopefully along side Earth's Mightiest and I cannot be more thrilled! Also it is about time Black Panther comes into this that should be really great. A lot of story that should develop in time. And we cannot forget Ant-Man. Will he become Giant Man?! Regardless if he does or does not, This character has the comic relief, and unique skills to be a huge part of The Avengers, plus who doesn't love the ability to shrink in big situations and have super strength, powers to talk to ants, and have a pretty sweet suit? Exactly. The Avengers have their hands full recently and Phase 3 gearing up in May, we should be in for another stellar deployment of Marvel Films.


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