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Last week, Dragon Ball Super episode 28 marked the beginning of Champa arc. And most of us were absolutely satisfied with that episode because they upgraded quality on every sector. The animation quality finally got improved. Now, many of us were worried if they will keep up the quality or if it was one episode thingy! Well, good news for you all is that they did keep up the quality episode 29 was even better according to me.

The Episode started with Beerus-Champa and others discussing about the tournament that was declared earlier. They talked about the rules, venues and all. Basically, it will be 5 vs 5 tournament. Kind of elimination style the team that loses all fighters first loses the tournament. It could be like even one fighter takes out all. It has similarity with Baba’s tournament back from Dragon Ball. And every fighter must give a written test before the tournament and they have to pass it in order to participate.

If Team Beerus wins they get the 6 super Dragon Balls from Champa and if Team Champa/ Universe 6 win they get the earth shifted to their universe.

But, Champa found only 6 super dragon balls. So, Beerus-Whis along with Goku and Vegeta arrives at Earth to meet with Bulma. Because, they want Bulma to use the Dragon Ball radar to track down the super dragon balls!

But, ordinary radars won’t do the job. So, Bulma has to modify one for the Super Dragon Balls. And yet it has some range problem. There’s a really funny scene Bulma finally gets back to Beerus for slapping her as she hit him on the back of his head. But, Beerus forgives her because she gave a brilliant idea which was to find out the location of the Super Dragon Ball by asking it from the earth’s dragon Shernon. So, they gather the Dragon Balls and summon shernon. But, shernon couldn’t do the job because he doesn’t have enough power to do. Beerus got a bit annoyed and tells shernon to go away. So, basically no useful wish and point to note that Earth’s dragon is gone for another year. There was this funny scene where Goku says he forgot to wish back King Kai. King Kai is kind of dead you know due to that Cell explosion. However, this incident assures us that it has been at-least 1 year since Frieza was resurrected by the Dragon Ball’s. So, the option in hand is to use the Super Dragon Ball Radar.

I want to mention the animation quality was absolutely top notch compared to the earlier episodes. Goku-Vegeta looked really cool. So, did all other characters. And in the earlier episodes there was inconsistency and degraded background animation which has been improved too. I think is about the time people stop screenshoting each and every frame and try to find out flaws. It’s good enough now, just enjoy it.

We then see Champa and Vados landing on an empty planet. That's the neutral planet where the tournament will take place. Vados instantly creates the entire arena and a shield with proper air conditions and protection. On Champa's request Vados adds food stands all around the arena. The arena is probably 50 square meters. There are potrayls of Beerus and Champa on both sides. I think it looks quite badass.

Goku and Vegeta discusses about their team with Beerus. And Beerus said that there will be another fighter on their team who is even stronger than Goku. And his name is Monaka. Goku is surprised and at the same time excited about it. According to Beerus Monaka is the strongest person he ever fought with. So, this is one interesting aspect for the fans to look forward too. For, those of you who didn’t read the manga and follow the anime series only you must be wondering who and what type the mystery fighter are exactly! If you want to find out right now you can check this video ( ) There’s one thing I think they did wrong in the anime. That is they mentioned the name ‘Monaka’ and narrowed down the options of who could be the fighter. While I was reading the manga no name was mention and people were like who could be and they actually considered all the races and all. It was exciting I think mentioning a name wasn’t quite necessary.

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Beerus made a comment about what he might wish for. He said he really doesn’t want to wish for anything however if he is forced to he will probably wish for something like annihilating the world. And then gives an evil smile before he departs. Bulma actually took that seriously and suggested that they should collect all the super dragon balls.

Now, Goku said it was a joke and Vegeta explained how Beerus has certain principles and won’t destroy earth without any valid reason. And trying to go against him in his back might be the worst decision.

However, Bulma calls his sister Tights! It’s a surprise to us the fans and to Goku-Vegeta too! They were absolutely surprised! Goku knew Bulma like forever. Vegeta has been married to her for about a decade and they didn’t even have any clue about her elder sister. Basically, Bulma calls her to contact with Jaco and send him to earth with his new spaceship. Because, his spaceship is better and faster than what capsule corp has at this moment. The scene was humorous Jaco was playing with Rocks but he said he is busy with an inter-galactic mission. But, Bulma threatens she will send his husband over to destroy their headquarters! That Joke! Toriyama humor!

The episode ended with Goku saying he is very excited and can’t wait to meet Monaka- the guy who is stronger than him.

Dragon Ball Super Monaka Stronger Than Goku
Dragon Ball Super Monaka Stronger Than Goku

Then, we got the trailer/ preview of episode 29. And the trailer was very interesting for the fans. It’s now confirmed! Picollo is training Gohan! Gohan also changed his hairstyle. Now, this is a solid clue that Gohan will return sooner or later. Now, the question is when. Krillen was also there along with Goku and Vegeta. And it looks like Gohan is having a hard time trying to keep up with Picollo. The question is if Gohan do come back how strong will he be and what type of transformation he might get?

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