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Let me just please start out by saying until I saw this movie I was always a fan of Quentin Tarentino. I still am. I just wish I could get back (what seemed like) the last 10 hours of my life.

I know the movie isn't that long. However, I gauge movies like this. If I don't notice that my ass fell asleep, and I don't realize that I need to use the bathroom until the movie is over, and it was over two hours long, the. It was a good movie.

Example: The Revenant. It was a pretty long movie but I didn't realize that my bladder was about to burst until it was over because it was that engaging. The hateful 8 however is a different story.

The worst part is I really wanted it to be good. I originally got the feeling that it was just a slow burn (which I can also get behind) and gave it time. Unfortunately there was a nut shot and a forced twist at the end and the reading of a letter from the president of the United States for the last time and ended.


That was basically my reaction.

It hasn't changed since.

So to sum up...

Hateful 8= Teo trips to the bathroom during the film with no missing of the plot during, a nut shot, a sore bootay, and a feeling of confusion upon leaving the theatre.

It was however very pretty. So I'll give it a 5-10.


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