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Unless you've been living under a rock for quite a while, you know that HorrorHound Magazine and their convention is a huge deal for Horror fanatics like myself. Thanks to the incredible staff at Moviepilot and a particular thank you to Dana Abeln, I'll be attending this year in Cincinnati.

Today's piece is to fill you in on what HorrorHound is, who will be there, and what to expect from me article-wise after the show.

HorrorHound Weekend is a three day event put on by HorrorHound magazine to showcase everything bloody and scary that you could desire. This convention is your number one stop for horror related toys, art, films, and of course, cosplay. There is also a HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival and Ink Fusion's tattoo festival.

Now you're probably wondering who in the world would show up to a horror convention in Ohio? Well below are just a few of the incredible guests that will be at 2016's show.

The ever-lovely and talented Cassandra Peterson will be in attendance and in costume as Elvira on Saturday!

Not only will William B. Davis (The cigarette smoking man from The X-Files) be in attendance but so will the following actors also from The X-Files.

  • Mitch Pileggi - "Walter Skinner"
  • Tom Braidwood - "The Lone Gunmen"
  • Bruce Harwood - "The Lone Gunmen"
  • Dean Haglund - "The Lone Gunmen"

Some of the other awesome guests include: Ted White (Friday the 13th), Curtis Armstrong (Supernatural, Revenge of the Nerds), and Ted Raimi (Evil Dead)

Oh ya, and did I forget to mention who I'm most excited for?

KANE HODDER! The man behind Jason's mask!

Overall, I can't wait for HorrorHound this March and can't thank Moviepilot enough for this opportunity.

After HorrorHound you can expect an article about my experience as a whole, as well as an article about the Indie Filmmaker Q&A and Hopefully an Article on the X-Files panel.

If you follow me on YouTube you should also expect a Vlog of my experience there.

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Until next time, make sure to check the closet for monsters!


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